Xcalak, a snapshot of paradise on the Caribbean

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That’s what I thought the first time I heard that word… Xcalak…
Where on Earth is that? And, how do you even pronounce it?

I’m going to give you a snapshot into a totally different way to live.
Welcome to my new life for these next 4 months on the east coast of Mexico, on the Caribbean.

Living here in the tiniest town of Xcalak for just over a week, I’ve been able to truly discover what it means to have even more space to just “be”.

Here, on this tiny peninsula, I get to wake up every day to the sounds of ocean waves crashing a little way out to sea, which means the water on my private beach is remarkably calm.

This new location is super remote. I’m living off solar power, rain water tanks, there’s no EMF, no power grids, no cell towers, no pollution – there’s nothing to zap the body or mind. Only the clean sea breeze to breath. In fact there’s only all the good stuff that actually rejuvenates and allows me to feel amazingly clear and creative.

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And did I mention that all of this is free. Completely free.

I still have to pay for the food, which gets delivered thanks to these amazing traveling fruit and veg trucks that come up to the house ever day or two. It’s easy to pick all the food one needs, and each time this only costs about $5-15. The total cost for everything for a week, is about $30.

The house comes with wifi, and I can still do video Skype calls with my coaching clients and business partners.

How did I find this?

It’s a house-sitting gig. And you find thousands of these around the world. This little town of Xcalak – pronounced ISH-ka-lack – has a large number of expats, who live far away for most of the year up in the US or Canada. So, they for people they can trust to come and live and look after their homes.

I’ve been fortunate to make a friend that’s been living here in Xcalak for the past 3 months.
Cary Ellis, the author of 21st Century Super Human, has been interviewing me on how I live my digital nomadic lifestyle, found this remarkable spot for me.

You can see one of the interviews here…

I love this part of the world. We’re a few hours from Tulum. And the magical town of Bacalar is a close by. Bacalar has that remarkable lagoon where I took that photo of the rift in the sky. The locals call the lagoon a portal, and they regularly see lights flying out of it.

Well, that’s only 2.5 hours from here, and already in my first week here in Xcalak, I’ve seen my first UFO flying over the area at high speed. Not that I expect you’ll believe me 😉

But truly, how does this sort of thing happen?

How does one find such an idilic place to live, with no costs?

Well in the week leading up to coming over to this other side of the country, I had no idea where I was going to live. That was about 3 weeks ago. So, I started looking up places to live on various house sitting sites, setting up my profile like this one HouseCarers.

I got clear I wanted somewhere quiet to live, to write my books. And then I decided to really open myself up by writing out this intention:

“Wherever I live or travel, I am supported every day by environments that provide a profound sense of vitality, happiness, growth, inspiration, love and serenity. Opportunities come to me that allow for me to be surrounded by beauty, clean air, easy and comfortable living with all the space and services provided that allow me to easily get my work done, meet wonderful inspiring and loving people and enjoy an extraordinary life beyond parallel that I can easily afford. I live inside the trust of the listening of what is needed right now for my optimal environment. I trust in living in easy world.”

24 hours after writing that, Cary called and offered me this amazing home, with 5-6 bedrooms, with it’s own private beach for 4 months.

The owners said I could bring friends, and treat the place like it’s my own!
I now have several friends queuing up to come and stay here with me. Which is making living here quite enjoyable.

This is the kind of area where locals come out of their way, repair your motor bike, fixing all the parts, and putting on a new wheel for only $66.

Or your car get’s a quick home service check up for $40. And remember, in both of these cases, they come out to your home and deliver the vehicle back… all for that price!

I think the brain washing by the mass media continues at making people terrified of countries beyond their borders. Click To Tweet

It’s reminding me what my last AirBnB host was saying on the opposite coast, in Rosarito. D’Michael said that in his 16 years of living in Mexico (just over the border from San Diego) that he not seen any price increases. His water bill per month was still only $7. His electricity bill per month was still only $11. And his property taxes were still only $17 per month. And this was a gorgeous home overlooking the Pacific ocean, with it’s own private beach.

D’Michael was looking at building an extension on his property, adding 3 new units. Each one would cost only $30,000. He said it would be four times that price in the US.

Life here in Mexico (or Thailand, or many other non-Western countries) can be a lot more easy and less stressful. But, I still find most people refusing to believe that. I think the brain washing by the mass media continues at making people terrified of countries beyond their borders.

A question that might be worth asking is… If it’s so easy to live in other countries – why make it SO expensive and stressful to live in the West?

Now before you say… “This is all well and good for you Barnaby, I can’t possibly make any this work, I need to generate an income from my job and live in the city where I live!”

Well what do you make of this…
Within this first week of moving to this remote paradise location, 3 new projects suddenly landed in my lap (from “no where”) that will not only generate more the average wage during the next 3 months of living here, but will further expand all the other projects I’m working on.

Plus these new projects provide further work for my team of 50 Ukrainian programmers, helping multiple economies in the world, and I get to have a great time overseeing their work, while writing my books looking out at the beach! (Life costing only $20 a week is also fun)

So, the next time you think about whether or not you should move to a tropical paradise, and your “sensible self” kicks in saying, “there’s no way you can make that work”. Think again.

Because I’ve discovered (yet again!) that choosing the path based upon bliss and trust, with a simple intention of living with beauty, without a focus on specific goals, brings more opportunity than you could possibly imagine.

Between my 2 choices of going back to live in a big US city to hustle along, or live in a tiny beach town to get my work done… clearly the later is the better choice!



Yet, it’s counter intuitive. And that’s the trick!

Figure out the most counter intuitive, counter culture thing you can do – one that would actually bring you real joy, and ask yourself – why on Earth aren’t you giving that to yourself?

If your life is out of balance, and stressful… Who exactly are you trying to impress, and what exactly are you trying to prove?

Breath and trust, this world is here for you 🙂

Breath and trust, this world is here for you Click To Tweet
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  • Christopher Maeda

    I love it! Free-dom living!

  • neroli

    awesome choice B!!! Opening and allowing life to come to you…to work for you rather than you working for it…letting go of trying to make life work looks like it’s working very well for you 🙂

  • Russel nouveau

    barnaby… Love this post from the heaven you have found, it’s akin to my experience in Thailand, a remote village, where lunch runs to a dollar and 50 cents, and where I can hear myself think. Bit jealous, russel.

  • Claus

    You’re a genius ,and I can see it is a great place.

  • Cheryl

    Fantastic… well done

  • Heather

    Xcalak is really a special place, I’ve been lucky enough to score a housesit there for several months, and I liked it so much I went back again! I disagree that the prices in this area of Mexico (or Mexico in general) are on par with places like Thailand which is much less costly. But it’s definitely less than what I would pay at home in Canada! Especially when you’re housesitting which is totally rent free. 🙂

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