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On Sunday morning I once again packed up my entire life again into 2 little bags.

And after just arriving last night in Bacalar (the famous eastern Mexican coastal region close to the Belize border) I was at breakfast this morning chatting with David, a New Yorker refugee whom I met last night.

David reminded me of the famous phrase… “Wherever you go, there you are.”

How many of us have heard that over the years?

David told me that line was drummed into him from when he was a little boy, from the perspective of one shouldn’t think too much about traveling, and certainly not about being a nomad, because it wouldn’t bring you any real solution. Because, after all, wherever you go, there you are. So basically… what was the point!?

David said it took him a long time to get over this, and he was only able to get there by becoming an avid traveler himself. When he became a young man he’d done a lot of travel… and his conclusion? Certainly, wherever you go there you are… but, changing your geographic location to other countries certainly altered things, changed opportunities, and would invariably fundamentally alter who you were.

What’s more, he said he felt that it made a deep impression into your psyche (and perhaps to the universe), leaving a trail that you blazed like an offering, acting as a marker of not only where you’d been, but of who you’d become in the process.

I thought about this, and I could completely relate. I think I’d held back my own travels with this idea also rearing it’s head. Until I bit the bullet 2 and a half years ago and left my comfortable life in Brisbane, Australia, taking only what I could carry.

How many of us have not adventured because we saw little point, thinking, “Hey, I’ll always be there, so why bother? Better to stay where I am and try and solve my problems here.”

Maybe it’s time to look at this belief (after, that’s all it is, a belief) and question what it means, how valid it is, and what it’s holding us back from.

I am a completely different person in every sense from when I left Brisbane those couple of years ago. And these adventures that have taken me from Asia, to Europe and now into the Americas are nothing like I could have imagined. I’m certainly nothing like I thought I’d become. Nearly every view that I once held dearly, and who I believed I was, have fallen away as my mind expanded through the people I met, the paths I took and places I visited.

It’s not about just visiting a new place. It’s about opening oneself to new experiences and allowing them to move through you and take you on true adventures into the unknown.

I’ve totally loved my life in the extraordinarily beautiful San Miguel de Allende these past 4 months, but then late last week I got the signals it was time for a change. Perhaps not a long one, I’m not sure. All that I knew was that I had to leave for a while.

For 2 weeks I listen as the pattern became clearer. Then through to talking to people and research I saw that another visit to the far east of Mexico, to Tulum and Bacalar was in order. And so on Sunday morning I packed up my life into my little 2 bags and left.

Like every time I pack, I couldn’t fit everything in, I had to leave things behind. And some of those things were very dear.

Now having arrived, already within only a day I’m feeling the change. I’m not sure what it’s about, I’m not even sure what the logic or reason is for being here, but I’m open to finding out.

Bacalar is a sunny, warm, calm place beside turquoise lagoons that sparkle and entice you come in for a swim. Plus there’s a water festival on here with that beautiful janzu water therapy… I think I’ll go to and check out.

Stability and consistency are also of vital importance. And thankfully I have my work, clients, meditation and writing to ground me wherever I go.

Do you carry all your own baggage with you wherever you go?

I’ve actually found that when I shift and move, I’m not the same person… and yes, sometimes that is scary, but it becomes a remarkable opportunity as I surrender to it.

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  • Wayne Harrison

    Greetings from Australia Barnaby,

    I love getting your emails and updates.

    It seems so long ago when I first met you when you were delivering the great Web 2.0 Marketing Seminars and then when you were assisting in various Programs in Brisbane.

    Can you expand on some of the main Business and Personal Programs that have made a difference in your life.


    Wayne Harrison

  • Anonymous

    Yup each place I go changes me, but these days, this being the 7th city I have lived in and I have been a Nomad probably for nearly a decade now. I find myself craving things like owning my own place, being able to have pantry with all the ingredients I want not sharing space. Perhaps having a partner? Mmmm all walks of life have pros and cons.

  • Wendy Cameron

    Sorry the above comment was from me!

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