Tonight is my last night in New York City

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Tonight is my last night in New York City (on this trip).

Tomorrow I head to San Diego (for the first time!)
And 4 days later I fly to Mexico City (for the first time!) with a plan to stay about a week, before going to San Miguel de Allende.

Well, that’s the plan… things could change based upon new opportunities that open up.

Before this trip, I’d never been to New York City, or the East Coast. And NYC has blown my mind. My original plan was to come for just 10 days. That was almost 9 weeks ago. One of my big projects, ResiBids (a new type of real estate auction) had been on hold for several months waiting for the next round of funding to come in.

So when I arrived in NYC I was down to my last $1,000, my girlfriend of 4 years had just left me to go back to Australia, and I only knew one person in NYC… pretty crazy right. But I came to NYC anyway.

This week I’ll be leaving New York with about 20 great friends that I’ll stay in contact with, about 100 new connections, plus a new $50k iPad app client – and I’m in the final negotiations to secure the next round of significant funding for ResiBids – from a group of professional sports stars! (I can’t tell you more now, until the deal is done 😉

How does all this work? And how could this apply to you?

Well, you know that research is one of things I’m really into. But even more than research, I’m into listening. I like to listen to what is happening in the marketplace, and I like to listen to people, and listen for the queues on what to do next. From a business point of view, it’s the model of the Lean Startup (if you haven’t read it, this is an amazing book). I apply that same model of thinking to living life.

The Lean Startup model is the basis of how I travel, how I figure out what to do next in life, and how I create new brands and launch new businesses.

It means I can live a much more relaxed life, without having to have all the answers. Because the answers will become apparant from trying and testing things out. It means no pushing.

Do you think you have to push to make things happen?
I used to. I don’t any more. I find that by taking actions, listening for feedback and letting go – things beyond what I even imagined start to happen. (Perhaps you’re already doing this 😉

So, is there a plan?

Yes, to keep listening. I’m trusting in that.

This new model of living has taken me to NYC. It took me to the Wix Lounge, where over 8 weeks I’ve built up many new relationships and new clients. Listening has had me take trains and walk down certain streets where I continually bump into the same people all over the city, which has lead to insane encounters and remarkable business deals.

So if you ask me, do I know exactly what I’m doing next?
I do, I’m going to Mexico and continuing to build my Internet businesses and write more books.
And at the same time I’m open to discovering if there’s even a better route to take.

I’m going to arrive in Mexico City in 4 days from now. I’ll pick a place on AirBnB near the US Embassy. Have I found it yet. No, but I will before I arrive.

I’ll spend a week or two there getting my new US visa so I can come back here whenever I need to. I’ll start to explore that new city, find good places to work and interesting places to explore. This next part of the adventure is going to be very interesting!

I’ve already discovered that I’ll be saving about half the cost of living in NYC – and I’ll be avoiding the Winter! I’ll exchange 13C (55F) average days for 25C (77F) average days.

You can easily compare your city with any other in the world using this remarkable numbers comparison tool. Be sure to compare where you are with Chiang Mai in Thailand and Mexico, just for starters.

A friend in New Zealand asked me this week… “to what end?” am I doing all of this.

I said, “great question! to what end indeed?”
He just laughed.

So I asked him where he lived. He said Auckland. And I said “to what end?”
He laughed again.

Keep listening.

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