Shamans and entering the womb of life

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Now this topic of living a free life seems to be of interest to people!

Because I’ve been interviewed again, this time by Victoria Hansen.

Check out the podcast here where I talk about the steps one can take to break free, plus some of the pitfalls to look out for as you turn life into an adventure rather than a series of predictable steps.

Now, I’ve had a very interesting couple of weeks… more interesting than usual!!

Exploring the Mayan culture in Tulum over this time has been about trust and letting go of fears and restrictive views.

I’ve participated in 3 Shamanic ceremonies, explored ancient Mayan pyramid ruins in the jungle, consulted with a traditional Mayan astrologer and gone deep into the cenotes under the earth.

Cenotes? This whole area is riddled with underground cenotes – waterways that flow under the ground, sometimes filled with stalagmites, and you can swim and scuba dive. It’s one of the few regions in the world that has unusual structure.

They also call it the region where (modern) life started. Because of the theory that comes from the nearby site of a massive meteorite impact that they say killed off the dinosaurs millions of years ago and ushered in a new ear of life – and at the same time forming these cenotes. So… this part of the world is all about life… and death.

One of the most interesting adventures I’ve had was going into the mineral healing lagoons in the region. It wasn’t the beauty of the lagoon, nor it’s healing clay mineral sands nor the hundred foot circular abyss at the centre where all the water came up from the under the ground to fill it that amazed me – it’s what our small group of us did there.

Letting ourselves become rag dolls in the water, we participated in a form of water massage called a janzu, where you they take you and glide you through the water… like a rag doll. You completely let go while they hold your head, leg or arm and move you in complete surrender, often twisting and turning you under the water.

While it could sound scary, these masseuses are highly trained in this technique. My nose was plugged shut, my eyes closed, and I had plenty of opportunity to breathe. This allowed me to fully relax and I was able to meditate in a body that was out of my control for about half an hour, seeing a kaleidoscope of colours, and feeling the warmth of the water that when fully submerged somehow reminded me of what it was like in the womb. A return to the beginning of life.

The shamanic ceremonies were similar – a training in letting go and dying.
And I can’t really say more than that, at this time. It’s just a tad too difficult to describe.

As I write this I’m on a plane headed to Costa Rica for the next week. I can feel the profound changes this region has made in me by participating in activities I would never normally find the opportunity to surrender to.

But it hasn’t all been an easy ride. Many “mishaps” happened as well…

  • Missed flights
  • Lost items – and you know I don’t have that many things to lose to start with!
  • Accommodations being cancelled outside of my control
  • A tiny car accident

So, it’s been an action packed 2 weeks! And all those mishaps cost a lot more money than I thought – and basically blew the budget!

What happens when everything goes out of control, we know longer have a frame of reference, and money is running out the door? Often thoughts come of cancelling plans and shrinking back.

But then our life just gets smaller. And perhaps that’s not the training that’s being called for.

If you’ve felt that tightness and stress when costly “mistakes” happen, can you relax into it and roll with the punches?

More than anything Tulum has helped train me to relate to all of this as the to-ing and fro-ings of life. Opening to the surrender. And as I fall further into this view of life it takes away of lot of stresses and enables me to find solutions, instead of falling into overwhelm.

But to live like this, the mind needs to be prepared. It needs space. And it depends upon the cultivation of practises that train the mind to be ready for the ups and downs of life. Training the mind to stay open, flexible and grounded is a daily job. And I’ve surprised myself this week with what I’ve been able to grapple with, adapt to, and respond to… things that literally blown my mind.

A question to ask is, when you feel that your life is out of our control, are you the richer for it?

Are you opening to life’s richness?
Or are you feeling used in someone else’s plan?

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