Portals, UFOs and the Mysterious Bacalar Lagoon

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I didn’t realise quite how special Bacalar and Tulum were until I stayed in this area even longer, an extra week and a half.

Why so special? Perhaps the fact that it’s a designated “magical town” by the Mexican government? No…

How about that Bacalar was one of the first Spanish conquistador settlements, building a fort with cannons in order to fell and steal all the mahogany wood forests, transporting it back to Europe hundreds of years ago where each log was literally worth it’s weight in gold.

Nor is that it’s the reputed location of where the asteroid impacted some 66 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs – creating the beautiful network of the cenotes and underwater rivers that divers explore in awe.

How about that it’s one of only 3 locations where the stromatolites are found on the planet – the bacteria that is the source of all life, the very first organisms that fed off methane and transformed the Earth’s atmosphere into oxygen paving the way for life as we know it to start – thus giving up their own lives in the process.

It’s also not just that it was the central hub between north and south America for the Mayan empire, a critical meeting point for that the Mayan’s used to do trade and communicate between the continents. Even more than that, for them it was a magical multi-dimensional port for their shamans to share their medicines and transport people into other realms.

You’d think that would be enough… but no it was something even more immediate that effected me.


It’s that this Bacalar laguna is a legendary portal between dimensions and worlds, with a huge number of almost weekly UFO sightings occurring around this 63km fresh water lagoon – that’s if you’re willing to stay up that late to watch them, they are more likely to appear after midnight 😉

I’ll admit, one the reasons I always wanted to come to Mexico was with a hope of getting a glimpse of the famous UFO’s. It is well known to have the highest density of sightings in the world – and more and more keep being seen and recorded. It’s fascinating.

But I didn’t know of the connection to Bacalar and Tulum when I came here. I also didn’t know it was where the highly secure off limits Mexican NASA space agency was situated.

And I certainly didn’t know that deep cenotes that tunnel far under the earth in the laguna were believed to be the locations for our mysterious friends.

It all changed when I went on the tour of the lagoon with Amir. The tour that Amir gives is one of the highlights of my life so far! And I’m not exaggerating. Nearly all of us on the tour said the same thing.

This tour around the lagoon, snorkelling and peering into the 100’s of feet dark depths of the cenotes, then finally going down the rapids in a river that links the lagoon network – a river that literally takes you and carries you effortlessly at high speed down stream… speeding without any control through the mountains of stromatolites and underwater life as though you were zooming through space.

This experience of letting go completely and having an alien world zoom past you as though you were an adventurer exploring new worlds is an experience beyond what you can imagine…

But none of that was even what blew me away the most… it was a simple photograph.

Upon returning from the laguna tour, flicking through the dozens and dozens of snaps on my iPhone, there were exquisite shots of the insane day glow turquoise water and bright blue sky filled with white clouds, I saw an unmistakable shot of an object in the sky that none of us saw that day.

Drawn across the sky was something that made no sense. When you look at it, you may think it’s some kind of… bird? But I take photos of birds all the time, and they appear complete and clear in the photo – this object was moving too fast for that, plus there were no birds in the sky that day. Nor were there any planes or helicopters. None of saw anything, and yet the camera caught something that made no sense. A craft of some kind at high speed? A tearing open in the fabric of reality?


Upon returning and showing many of locals, no one was surprised. On the contrary, they opened up their own photo albums and showed me their own strange photos of flying objects.

Including Alex, the owner of the hotel where I was staying at Pata de Perro, in Bacalar .

He shared their from the past 10-20 years of what he’d seen more times than what he could count. From flying jelly fish dancing in the air in the back garden, to lights zooming around the laguna! Amir also told me stories about to lights lifting off out of the depths from the cenotes deep in the lagoon… I quickly realised this no ordinary place.

It was as they all referred to it, not as port, but a portal.

For the rest of the week I stayed there transfixed, I went out early every morning and late night, walking around the laguna, staring up at the sky and wondering about this magical place and all the things going on here right now that I did not understand – things none of us understood. Not even the village expert who’d spent 20 years researching them, talking to them and seeing them…

I’ve just now left the town, flying back to Mexico City as I write this.

More than anything this 10 days in Bacalar has taught me to give up trying to understand what is going on on this planet. Not only do I not need to understand, it’s not even possible or necessary. The world is just too strange, wild, and incredible, beyond anything any of us can imagine.

Given we live in such a magical world…

Why cling only to what we know, and believe in the sanctity and security of a mundane life that we taught to live by an institutionalised education system, to live a life filled with obligations that keep you busy from dawn until disk, believing in the “normalcy” and control of your life, where you try to fit the universe into a context that you understand just to keep a firm grip on your life so that you can keep on doing what you’ve already been doing day in day out…

Things are out of our control, they always have been, and they always will be.

Diving into that wildness is the juice of life, and none it even needs to make sense, because it’s a wondrous ride that can take us into the very heart of the mystery, without us needing to understand what is going on – we can simply surrender and love the unlimited possibilities opening up every moment.

Give up a little control, and you’ll start to taste the magic that is all around you.

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  • Steve C!

    Hey Barnaby, that sure is a weird thing on the photo. But I cannot help but think that if it was physically there long enough to be caught on the camera, it would have been visible (and seen), if for only a second. Maybe it is metaphysical.

  • Claus

    Hi Barnaby,
    I saw the photo of the fuzzy dark strip in the sky of an UFO travelling at warp speed.
    As I told you in a previous e-mail, when I went to the mad house in 1972 after I had telepathic communication with the Aliens.I was so 100% sure that I had telepathic thoughts that I entered a state
    of shear panic and fear that literally pushed me over the edge.I had never known such utter fear before and I would not wish it on anyone even how remotely fantastic and fanciful and mysterious such an encounter my seem.Like the famous words of Star Man by David Bowie,”he’d like to come and see us but he thinks he’ll blow our minds” I am very cautious and extreemly fearful of any contact with Aliens,it’s not a pretty sight.Once you experience mind telepathy like I did you may wish you never
    met them.I believe they can control our minds with the awesome power they have,beyond our tiny minds.

    Tread carefully with these Aliens because once you have tasted them ,there is no returning to the quiet life. Beware and enjoy the simple things of life and leave the Aliens to their business.
    This is only my feeling ,but I am 100% sure that these Aliens can strike utter fear if one is not
    prepared. Having said that, “fear” is our greatest enemy and it bodes well if one can control ones fear,but their are no guarantees that one can do that.
    Good luck Barnaby and Beware

  • theresa

    Spot on. Let go. We absolutely can’t control so much, so why hold on to what is ephemeral.
    I really enjoy and appreciate your posts Barnaby. Thankyou for sharing your inspiration and travels with us who have chosen to stick with the normal routine. Kind wishes 🙂

  • evelyne gerard

    I think, that TRUE KNOWLEDGE is contained within all of us and that we ALL have the potential to access it…
    For whoever is determined enough to do THE WORK…
    Naturally, NOT the kind of work Man has created which is to be seen and suffocatingly Wrong…
    But we can all come out of the box without taking that body very far.
    Even if for some that seems the best way.
    What will ultimately remain and be of value when passing across to the Other Side of life? Not so much the knowledge that we will have accumulated via our intellect but rather What we will have developed or cultivated in our essence.
    Anyway this is what I think at present!

  • Matthew

    Went to Bacalar upon your recommendation Barnaby and was blown away by the beauty of it. The color of the water, the white sand, cenotes, stromatolites, fascinating pirate history, the balmy Caribbean… wow.
    Doing Amir’s tour and then whiling away the afternoon at La Playita waterfront restaurant under the huge shady tree has been added to my ‘Peak Life Experiences’ list. Thank you for sharing this intel.

  • hd mirror cam

    It’s a group of girls who learn bare!

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