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Vanessa told me, in no uncertain words, that I could not miss her 40th birthday party in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this past week. After all, she was flying out from London to attend it, and I was already in Mexico, so I could hardly miss it!

Given that she is my business partner on our new dating app that my team in Ukraine is building, plus San Miguel is one of my favourite places on planet Earth, and also dozens of her closest most amazing friends from around the world were about to fly into this magical town… how could I resist.

And so I flew from my little home touching heaven in Xcalak, on the East Coast of the Caribbean to central Mexico, where the party started in DF (Mexico City) and then went San Miguel).

The party was four incredible days… I’d never been to a such an event!
It started in the heart of one of the biggest cities in the world… an ended at the incredible underground hot water spring temple that is the Mayan Baths in San Miguel.

I spent four days with some of the most fun and interesting people from around the world that opened my eyes to different realms of reality.

I danced on the dance floor until after midnight, inside what could only be described as an incredible Mexican castle, with a European princess who was letting her hair down wearing a bright green wig, while making friends with New Yorkers fresh from escaping life in the fast lane with all the extravagancies and celebrities you can imagine. We were all grooving away with people who would be leaving in the morning on their private lear jets.

After four days of partying, I had a bunch new new amazing friends. We’d exchanged numbers and private email addresses. Invitations to come and stay at any one of their homes across the Americas to Europe were open.

The connections and influence that were part of their lives had long been in my sights, but were at levels I had yet to touch. Now things were starting to speed up.

It was remarkable how similar we all were. I felt totally at home with everyone. All of us travelled continuously around the globe. We all had projects that excited us and that let us play or work as much as we wanted. Indeed, there seemed no distinction between work and play for any of us, we were all out to have fun, expand our projects and share our gifts at the same time.

They were curious about my particular take on international nomadic living, free flowing without a plan. Some could relate, and also lived in that same flow.

Many had the magic as well, and that’s how their success worked to create lives that they truly loved.

However, what I saw as a difference was… most could not see a way to use their remarkable wealth and influence to directly shift the situation facing humanity right now. Except perhaps the princess, she was truly bold and making a difference, having lost much in the name of speaking up and declaring who she really is.

But many of the others seemed happy to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Can you relate?
In many ways I expect they are just like you, although I could be wrong in every regard here.

People having fun when they can, working when they need to, and making the best of their life while they still can. Is there anything wrong with this??

But when you really think about that, about just taking care of your own life and those that YOU love, with the focus being on PROTECTION of everything that is yours… where does that leave the human society that you operate in?

Increasingly we talk about privacy, instead of liberty & freedom, highlighting that we are losing privacy. Click To Tweet

Does living like this make a difference? It maintains the status quo, is what it does. In fact, it enables the agenda set by the ruling elite to maintain their power, and increase it. So long as everyone feels that the world is to immense to change, and that once they’ve achieved their dreams, it’s better to just kick back an enjoy, before someone tries to take it all off you.

Right now we still have remarkable freedoms. The freedom to write this email. To travel wherever we want to go. To create whatever life we want to.

But increasingly we know that our personal liberties are being eroded.

I watched the incredible documentary “Citizen Four” about Edward Snowden last week. Where a brilliant comment was given saying, “Increasingly we talk about privacy, instead of liberty and freedom. This highlights the expectation that we are losing our privacy.” Said another way, we are losing our liberty and freedom.

It takes something to claim your freedom. It takes something even more to focus on an objective that will to lead to more and more people living lives of complete freedom, unimpaired by a system that seeks to have your life focused on paying your bills and taxes on time, or else!

And that’s probably getting off lightly. Just ask people in Syria or Greece, or any number of other places about what it will take to claim their freedom.

Clearly living in a society that is falling apart is as far away from freedom as you can get. But being yoked to the 40 hour work week to keep up to date with bills, that sure doesn’t sound like freedom to me.

When I used to have bills to pay, I never felt truly free. That's why I just stopped. Click To Tweet

As I write this, I’m driving through country side of west Mexico, on a deluxe bus with reclining bed like chairs, a power plug for my Macbook and perfect air conditioning.

This is a land that most westerners are too afraid to come to. It’s a place where one of my new friends from the party lost his iPhone in a random taxi in the city of Gueardajara, only to have it returned to him a few hours later. He lives in London, and he said the phones he’d lost in taxis there were never returned.

For most it was their first time to Mexico. They’d come, even though friends and family cautioned them against it. And they left saying Mexico was now easily one their favourite, if not their favourite country in the world. Some had even started checking out real estate in San Miguel.

Compare that to what you hear in the “manufacturing consent” mass media machine (if you still pay attention to that frequency of control). There’s the wall that Donald Trump wants to put up “protecting U.S. from Mexico”. Ask yourself what the real agenda is… To me it looks more likely to be a wall that if the SHTF will keep US citizens locked inside, rather than escaping to an easier, more relaxing lifestyle in Mexico.

Are we going to focus on just enjoying ourselves, no matter the situation of our global kin. How much effort are you going to need to keep exuding or keep protecting yourself and everything that you’ve “worked so hard to build”?

Or are we going to take a leaf out of Snowden’s book, and say “I choose liberty over security”.

It’s terrifying to throw caution to the wind. The system has trained you well to believe your life depends upon it.

But you don’t. The world wants you to be free.

And I mean that literally.

As long as the majority of humanity remains trapped in lives of quiet desperation (getting increasingly louder!), how can any of us truly call ourselves free.

Unless you keep ear plugs/buds firmly in place and ignore your heart.

Some of this is what I felt my new rich friends hadn’t yet understood. They had it all. And because of that, there was SO much at stake, and SO much to protect.

Because if you choose to focus your life on protecting your own, instead of putting everything on the line to enable the freedom of the many, how free will you ever really be? I think there’s a good chance you’ll always be looking over your shoulder.

I’m clear that while I’ve achieved a level of freedom dreamed of by most, it’s only purpose is to work towards securing the same outcome for everyone.

What’s your purpose? Protection… or true freedom for the human spirit?

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  • Matthew

    On point bro. The shift cometh.

  • Roger

    Barnaby you continue to amaze your journey is a Beautiful one ! Abundance is abundant yet those who have it often no not how to utilize it.
    Alquimista’s are needed or not…. Let’s Tap into our own !

  • Brooke

    Your journey sounds so enchanting! It is inspiring as well because so many people are afraid of making changes….They stay in situations that aren’t very fulfilling. And yet, that “security” is enough to keep them where they are. So it’s great to read about someone who is constantly creating the life they desire and not talking about it! Keep sharing your stories and adventures!! I’m sure you’ll inspire many!

  • Walter

    Great post Barnaby. It’s one thing to build something successful … but something entirely different to build something that makes the world a better place! That’s where flow really happens. And it echoes a phrase one of my friends said to me, which I’ve never forgotten, about doing something meaningful instead of the status que that we see in the world today … “Who wants to be king of the ashes, do something to make the world a better place”

  • Ray Jamieson

    Very well put Barnaby – thought provoking and challenging, and absolutely worth pondering as each of us approach that point in our lives where we need to make these decisions…
    Enjoy your travels – although I think you have that covered – look forward to catching up again one day. Ray

  • neroli

    There is no out there – out there. The external only reflects the internal world…The moment total freedom within is experienced, there is no slavery, nothing is wrong, nothing is out of place, it is all so fucking perfect and stunningly beautiful – even if it looks like hell – and it does look like hell a lot of the time 🙂

    “If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken yourself. If you want to eliminate all the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift that you can give is your own transformation.”Lao Tzu

    Love you so much B! Just keep going – further, as Jed would say – further!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi Barnaby,

    I’m truly lucky to have you in my life!

    Best wishes,

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