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I’m back in Mexico! I arrived about 2 weeks ago and straight away I remembered why I love it here.

Mexico is magical, vibrant, carefree and deliciously low cost.

I just finished my three months in the US, which wrapped up with a dream coming true, I got to speak at Stanford University! That followed a month of connecting with incredible people in the Bay Area in SF, and traveling and up and down the West Coast.

One thing I made sure of was, that I made very good use of my time in the States. I packed a lot in.

Time… many would say it’s our most precious resource.
(Some would say it isn’t even real ; -)

What have your last 3 months been like?

Time isn't something to manage, it's something to live through. Click To Tweet

Time… it’s a funny thing. Did you know on the weekend we celebrated the “Day Out of Time” from the ancient Mayan calendar. Which seems entirely appropriate to look at, given I’m back in the world of the Mayans.

Saturday, the 25th of July, was the day of no time between the end of one Mayan calendar year, and the beginning of the next year. Unlike the Western Georgian calendar, between the end of one year on the 24th of July, and the start of the new year on the 26th of July, is the Day Out Of Time – DOOT for short!

Do you ever give yourself permission to have a day without time?
Time can take on many qualities. It can “feel” slow or fast, depending upon what you’re doing.
Said more accurately, time seems to change depending upon the context of how you’re living your life.

Do you feel time whipping past? Do your weeks fly by?

It’s an interesting phenomena that when we continue to do the same activities week in week out, this monotony makes time speed up. Our lives literally feel like they are zooming past. Days blur, and we can’t believe it’s the middle of the year already. This happens due to constantly repeating the same things every day, for weeks, months and years.

Is this how we really want to live? Living as little worker ants?
Busily doing the same tasks, just so we can get better at doing them, and cramming more of them into our day??

My days tend to feel epic. I started off my re-entry into Mexico by staying at this beautiful seaside town in Northern Mexico, called Rosarito, near Tijuana, just across from the US border, close to San Diego. My first 2 days there felt like more than a week.

After changing locations across North American more than 27 times in the past 24 weeks (6 months), as soon as I land in a new location I make sure I get grounded there super fast. This means it can feel like I’ve been there forever, even after just 48 hours.

It’s also pretty funny on that first day, because it feels like I’ve been there forever. Too often I have to really think about where I was before I got there! You might think that sounds dreadful, it’s actually quite delightful.

That’s how I’ve been bouncing around for the past 6 months. Prior to this my normal travel routine these past 3 years has been living in a single location for 2-6 months. On average it was 3 months. A great amount of time to get to know somewhere.

My last large chunk of time was when I settled for 3 months in San Miguel de Allende. That ended in mid February. Since then I have been moving on average every 6 days!

However, I’m now finally settling again, this time in Xcalak, Mexico for the next 4 months. This is so I can continue writing my books and working on other digital projects.

Here’s the list where you can see where I’ve been bouncing around…

27 Locations in 24 Weeks - click here to see where I've been
  1. 1 Dec – 15 Feb – Central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende
  2. 16 Feb – Mexican Caribbean coast, Cancun and Playa de Carmen
  3. 23 Feb – Mexican Caribbean coast, Tulum
  4. 2 March – Costa Rica jungle, Envision Festival
  5. 9 March – San Miguel de Allende
  6. 16 March – Mexican Caribbean coast, Bacalar laguna
  7. 23 March – Bacalar laguna and Tulum
  8. 30 March – San Miguel de Allende
  9. 2 April – Mexico City
  10. 6 April – San Fransisco
  11. 13 April – San Fransisco
  12. 20 April – Los Angeles, Anaheim, The Longevity Now Conference
  13. 27 April – Seattle, Washington State
  14. 4 May – British Columbia, Canada, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Tefino
  15. 7 May – Vancouver city
  16. 12 May – Las Vegas
  17. 19 May – San Fransisco
  18. 21-25 May – Lighning in a Bottle
  19. 25 May – San Fransisco
  20. 28 May – Lake Tahoe
  21. 2 June – Oakley, San Fransisco
  22. 22–30 June – Hayes Valley, San Fransisco
  23. 1-7 July – Wat Metta, Encinitas, San Diego
  24. 7-17 July – Rosarito, Mexico
  25. 17-21 July – Rosarito, Mexico
  26. 21-23 July – Tulum, Mexico
  27. 23 July – Xcalak, Mexico

I bet that looks like a crazy schedule, and to most people this would appear entirely exhausting.

Amazingly I have not found this exhausting at all. Rather, I’ve found it invigorating and enlivening. Totally expanding my world view and taking me on adventures I could never have imagined.

Traveling light, with just my 2.5 bags really helps.

So it would seem that when you simplify your possessions (cut everything down to the minimum) and then purely live from the listening, without any structured plans for the future, one’s relationship to time entirely changes.

So instead of time feeling like something that weighs on me, ties me down, controls me… time shifts into a limitless possibility of opening up to go wherever is necessary, and do whatever is needed to fulfil the intention of the bigger purpose. Time isn’t something to manage, it’s something to live through.

This has also come to mean living without goals. Why? Because I’ve found that they put a limit on what’s possible. I always found that goals worked, and I was able to achieve whatever I wrote down. Our minds seem to work very effectively by focusing on desired objectives, and then allowing them to work on clever ways to achieve them. But I’ve discovered that working with goals is entirely limited compared to opening up to the true the vastness of what is possible when you’re tuned in and acting as conduit for life itself.

Recently I could see 2 futures opening up in front of me, and I was wondering about which path I would take.

I knew had 4 months to play with, and I could go in one of 2 directions.

A) INNER: Focus on writing my travel books, life story, and how to be free series
* Opportunity – Release more books, help more people, raise my profile
* Requirement – Live low cost (or free), ideally in a quiet and inspiring area, to focus on writing
* Action – Pick a town/country to live in – Mexico makes sense, or a home or house-sitting in the US
* Con – Might be a bit isolating – unless I bring friends with me!

B) OUTER: Pursue venture capital raising for my big app projects in Silicon Valley, plus continue finding new branding clients
* Opportunity – Get lots more money in and start to fund and build my big apps
* Requirement – Live in San Fransisco or NYC and hustle, focus on networking
* Action – move back to SF or NYC
* Con – Very expensive, very distracting from my writing projects

Consideration 1: Given that money is always available wherever I go, going into one of the big US cities to raise lots of money could be a great idea, but is that the ideal way to go about it?

Consideration 2: The Burning Man festival is coming up end of August in the US. And given that a huge number of millionaire/billionaires from Silicon Valley go here, heading to THE festival epicentre of change represents an incredible networking opportunity, like no other! So… to go or not to go??

Burning Man would pull me out of Mexico, back into the US within 4 weeks. Being back in the US would enable me to hustle for more projects and capital, but would create a very busy and distracting time, with lots of people, and take me away from my writing projects.

And just as I realised that the inner plan A was shaping up to be a better choice, a friend called and offered me a totally free palatial, 5 bedroom house-sitting gig on the Caribbean, in a small seaside town on the East Coast of Mexico called Xcalak, on the peninsular, near the Belize border.

I’d get my own private beach, daily coral reef snorkelling, free accommodation, fast Internet, incredible weather, amazing friends nearby, and heaps of food delivered weekly for about $20 per week.

4 months of that… for FREE!

What would you have done?

Living in a quiet little seaside town, sound for getting all my work and writing done… It might be tough living in paradise though, could I handle it?

Let’s find out in the next week or so.

Working with goals is entirely limited compared to opening up to the true the vastness of what is possible when you’re tuned in and acting as conduit for life itself. Click To Tweet
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