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Let’s have a chat about money, banks and living globally.

I’ll tell you a little about my money management… and a big mistake I made recently, that lead to me discovering a new tool for avoiding banks.

Some of my tips can save you a good amount of money – especially from the banks!

You know how we’ve all come to accept big bank fees and time delays for transferring money? Well, it’s a lie. There’s a better way. But more on that in a moment…

Managing money and currencies becomes quite important when you choose to live in 3-4 countries throughout a year like I do.

I prefer to live for longer, extended periods in exotic, lower cost countries that have great food and a more relaxed lifestyles, and that enable each US dollar earned to last 4-10 times longer than it would if I were living in places like Australia, Norther Europe or the US.

Realistically this means that for every 1 month that I live the US or AU, I can live for 3-4 months in somewhere like Mexico or Thailand.

To make this super clear I’ve just found a fantastic infographic that shows you in pretty colours where the most expensive countries in the world are to live, where are the cheapest, and everything in between!

Thanks to this infographic, you’ll be easily able pick the most expensive countries, with the highest costs of living, to live in.

But perhaps you’ve already done that 😉

Not surprisingly, Australia is the 6th most expensive country in the world to live. The benchmark medium they used was NYC. So, every country is shown as a comparison to living in NYC. So, Australia is just a hair’s width apart from the cost of living in NYC! And Australia sits just behind Switzerland, Norway, and Venezuela, Iceland and Denmark.

I like how 2 of the other world’s most expensive countries, the US and Canada sit next door to Mexico, which is listed as one of the most affordable.

Which is so similar to Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, all extremely affordable and highly liveable places, all sitting right next to Australia. They are all so close, and yet so far away in people’s minds.

You can check out the full infographic here and it shows as clear as day which countries are more expensive than others.

Movehub built this infographic – and I just discovered they are one of the world’s leading expert removalists in helping people relocate countries. (Good to know if you want to relocate 😉

All the data was collected by one of my most favourite sites Numbeo, the world’s largest database of user-contributed data on comparing the cost of living around the world between different cities.

Now… do you really think certain people want you to think about all of this?

Don’t Western governments want you to keep believing the lie that Western countries are the only safe, secure places in the world to live?

In fact I’m sure this is the sort of information that a lot of the world’s super expensive Western countries don’t want you to know about! They don’t want you to know how much cheaper and easier it is to live just over the border or across the sea.

And to make sure no one questions this, they keep force-feeding everyone scary stories through the media about places like Mexico and Thailand and Indonesia, and how dangerous and unstable they all are.

Those are all countries I’ve spent extensive amounts of time living in, and where I feel far safer than I do living in Australia or the US, and it costs far far less, and I have a much much higher standard of living!

I think more than anything, this fear based media propaganda is a design to ensure people stay where they are, and don’t go looking for alternative ways to live. (Ways that might actually improve their quality of lifestyle).

Now I know that most people aren’t in a position to just get up and go and see what it’s like to live in Bali or San Miguel or Chiang Mai. But to remain living in a world where you don’t ever even consider this a possibility is foolish I think (especially if this at all interests you). Why not at least think about it, and start making a plan… even if it takes years to execute.

We have every opportunity now, more than ever before, to design our lifestyles in ways that would better suite us than the places we were brought up in.

  1. I worked my own personal plan for 20 years, building up my online projects that would enable me to work remotely, from my laptop, from anywhere I wanted (why did I wait? I wanted to finish raising my daughter)
  2. After all that, I worked on cutting all my possessions down from a 3 story home to 2 carry-on sized bags… and it works and I love it!
  3. I worked on setting up efficient systems that enabled me to manage my programming teams in Europe and Asia.
  4. I worked on setting up my bank accounts and spread them all around the world, and I switch banks/countries as needed. None of this is very difficult, it just needs a bit of forethought to get setup correctly.

One thing I need to do all the time is wire money to different bank accounts.
Have any of you noticed how much it costs to wire money to overseas bank accounts?

This is another lie that I’d bought into, that I always had to use banks to transfer money and pay exorbitant fees each time I did it!

Well I’ve got some exciting news to share with you that could help save you a bunch of money!

Typically I get charged $60 a pop for a bank transfer between countries, and if it bounces for some reason, it’s double that!

That happened last week when I was wiring money to my European programming team… I had the right details, but for some reason the banks bounced it, and me $110 for the privilege!

Well… I was totally amazed this week to discover a new online money transferring system – setup by the team that built Skype, and backed by Sir Richard Brandson himself. promises to save us all around 90% on bank fees. It’s fully secure and comes highly recommended. Now that is pretty cool. It’s not working in all countries yet (only a small number now, Europe and the US, plus some others). But it’s good to see that it’s there, and to watch it.

Plus… there’s another one just like it that I found –
That gives you 2 non-banking options!

This dependance on paying large bank transfer fees is one more lie that I’ve been able to deconstruct and find a better solution.

How many other lies have you been living with that are costing you more money that you don’t need to spend, and keeping you believing that you’re better off… than perhaps you really are.

It’s time to break free.

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