How to set yourself up in New York City in 48 hours

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How important is having a phone number to your life and business?
How would it be if you had a mobile phone number that worked in any city, in any country in the world?

And what if it cost you nothing? No contracts, no fees?

Do you think that might help you be more mobile?

Would it help you get set up in a new city? Absolutely!!

So, if you like the sound of a zero cost phone bill, grab it now.

Sam Best said, “Barnaby, a great example of how to culminate your story and experience into a very useful, specific content-rich book that many, many people will benefit from. Well done and thank you for letting me know about it!”

There’s been a bunch of other reviews that you can check here. And people are saying they’d happily pay $30-50 for the book. Why? Because you’ll easily save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Plus it will give you the freedom and flexibility to live anywhere!

This is the kind of freedom which has lead me to my latest location… New York City!

Choosing to live in NYC for these couple of months has been one the highlights of my year. And I’ve seen quite a bit so far in 2014.

So far I’ve lived in Sydney, Berlin, Chiang Mai and Toronto (in that order)… so New York was an easy next step.

Perhaps you’re like me, and you’ve harboured a dream to come to the Big Apple. I’m here to tell you… it’s worthwhile for you to come, to stay for a while, and make connections here. I’d like to dispel all the reasons why you might not like to come.

Firstly getting into the US was relatively easy for me (I admit, being an Australian helps). They gave me a 3 month visa waiver for only $6.

I was thinking through the other things that might stop you before you even get started, and I came up with 8 potential dream busters that we need head off at the pass.

Here’s my 8 myths to dispel to make living in New York a real option:

  1. You can’t afford to live in NYC. WRONG: I’ve got myself my own fully furnished (tiny) apartment with wi-fi for only $600 a month in Upper Manhattan – found it on CragisList. You can budget yourself $1300-$2000 per month. Obviously that depends on how you want to do it. Me, I only eat out, so that covers all my food, transport and… well I don’t have bills.
  2. NYC is overwhelming. WRONG: The city is super easy to get around. Get yourself a weekly or monthly subway ticket. Monthly is $112, $30 weekly. You get unlimited travel around the city, even into Brooklyn. And, use the subway map apps on your phone for travel, along with Yelp to find places to eat (or Happy Cow for us vegetarians) plus the normal maps to get around.
  3. NYC is intimidating. WRONG: New Yorkers are super friendly, and once you start meeting them, you’ll be turning down party invitations, networking events, and everything else that’s on because you’ll find yourself going to SO many.
  4. Not enough money. Waiting until you’re a millionaire is the wrong strategy. The world has changed, and has opened up a lot for you to travel and test out new locations. Admittedly, this tip takes guts and a fair amount of confidence. But if you follow all my the steps here, and are willing hustle and get out there in a new place, you can make money both online and in a new city with a business. If you arrive with 1-2 months of cash up your sleeve, you’ll have the motivation to make things work, no matter what, things will start to happen. And that’s not a bad thing.
  5. Not setup to work. WRONG: Each day I go to the Wix Loung on 23rd St in Manahattan. An amazing totally FREE co-working space. From 9-5 they give you your own desk, free super fast wi-fi, free tea and coffee – there are even meeting rooms! This place is incredible. Coming to Wix each day has meant I’ve got an instant group of friends and entrepreneurs to hang out – plus several new clients. Each night there are Wix events. Plus everyone there wants to share what they’re doing, and find out what you’re up to.
  6. Meeting people is hard. WRONG: Using a combination of working with other people in co-working spaces like Wix plus going to – you’ll find there are networking events on nearly every night.
  7. Nothing to introduce yourself with. WRONG: You can do what I did and send $100 on some professional business cards printed from Moo Cards (shipped anywhere) – people will be super impressed!
  8. No way for people to call you. WRONG: Get your own free local NYC phone number, using the strategies and apps I suggest in my new book – grab it here!

Why come to New York?
If you’re creative, work in technology, health or finance, this is one of the central hubs on the planet. If you want a burst of creativity, or inspiration, or perhaps you just to create a breakthrough in you career or your business, NYC is a great option.

I’m finding that testing out new cities in the world is a great option for both expanding my mind, and my business. And if you follow my steps, you can arrive and hit the ground running. Within a couple of days you can be setup to explore the city and making connections.

Hopefully these tips have inspired you… you can use most of them for any city in the world that you might like to live and work in.

Stay inspired, and keep an open mind.

If you’re interested, you can go here for a list of co-working places in cities around the world.

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