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What happens when you change your location every week for 14 straight weeks?

Sound like an interesting experiment?

Well, without even intending to… that’s what I’ve done!
(and I’ve missed sending out several emails over the past month!)

Here has been my list of adventures:

  1. 9 Feb – Central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende
  2. 16 Feb – Mexican Caribbean coast, Cancun and Playa de Carmen
  3. 23 Feb – Mexican Caribbean coast, Tulum
  4. 2 March – Costa Rica jungle, Envision Festival
  5. 9 March – San Miguel de Allende
  6. 16 March – Mexican Caribbean coast, Bacalar laguna
  7. 23 March – Bacalar laguna and Tulum
  8. 30 March – San Miguel de Allende
  9. 2 April – Mexico City
  10. 6 April – San Fransisco
  11. 13 April – San Fransisco
  12. 20 April – Los Angeles, Anaheim, The Longevity Now Conference
  13. 27 April – Seattle, Washington State
  14. 4 May – British Columbia, Canada, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Tefino
  15. 7 May – Vancouver city
  16. 12 May – Las Vegas

Thats 16 locations in 14 weeks! I normally don’t do life like this.
Normally I like to live in ONE place for 14 weeks!
But I’ve allowed myself to be open which has led to me relocating almost weekly all across North America.

Typically I have a rough idea of what is coming up… about 7-10 days ahead. I’ve found it helps to buy only one way tickets (thanks to finding awesome deals on Skyscanner.com or cheapoair.com)

Perhaps you’d think I’ve become totally unaffected by this constant change.
To me it doesn’t actually even feel like travel… it feels like constant relocating! Sometimes I even get a little sad about leaving a place… because just as I’m getting what it’s like to live there… I’m called to go somewhere else.

An important question is… how am I able to keep my business going with all of this change?
The fact is that I am able to. I’m still able to put many hours of work each day into my business, and on top of that I get to do a bunch of networking in each new city… which often leads to finding new clients or partners.

In the background, the real key has been to build a strong team through outsourcing. This then allows me to purely focus on management and strategy. I now have 2 awesome tech teams, one in Ukraine, and one in the US – but the real key has been finding a fantastic VA (virtual assistant, similar to a PA – personal assistant).

MJ – my VA – lives in Toronto and is focused on email and project management. The experience has been like cloning myself. Over the years I’ve tried about a dozen PA/VA’s… Now to find someone who is actually really good at it, and inspired, is like finding gold!

The most interesting thing to note is that I have found that this travel has forced me to focus on systemising my business. How many of us cling to our tasks, dreaming of having others help us (that was me for years!). But ask yourself what happens when you put yourself in a situation where you literally CAN’T do it all, because there’s too much to do… and because your life is expanding larger than you could imagine! This is the kind of situation that forces you to build better systems and get help.

There is nothing quite so amazing as going on adventures for several days or weeks, and discovering that your work is all up to date, emails answered and sorted… and that you get to maintain inbox zero!

The past week in Vancouver Island, exploring islands and ancient forests has been totally awe inspiring, but would not have been possible without a team to manage things.

If you’re not free with your work – perhaps it’s because you’re clinging too tightly to it (not trusting others to help you)… or perhaps it’s because you haven’t put yourself in a situation which forces you to find other people to take over the reigns. Don’t they say, necessity is the mother of invention?

Being forced to find good people to work with, and good systems to manage your projects is ultimately what creates the fusion of automation, leverage and scalability – which are the key ingredients for living a flexible and powerful life without barriers or limits.

In the past 2 weeks I had a blast at David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference – learning so many incredible strategies for health that it would blow your mind.

And this week I’m in Las Vegas visiting the inventor of a machine that transforms health in ways I could not imagine.

I’ll be sharing more on this in the next email.

Between now and then, what could you do to get out of your own way?
How could you start to play a bigger game, while at the same time creating more freedom for yourself?

It’s possible, but you might need more help than you’ve been willing to allow in.

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  • Tim

    Thanks for sharing this Barnaby. Both inspirational and practical tips.

  • Ela

    Finding good people to work with, and good systems to manage your projects is a big challenge. Especially if it needs to be affordable, which usually means outsourcing overseas. I tried it a few times, so far now luck. Any tips on how to find good people?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Barnaby,
    That was inspiring, you really do know how to manage yourself with respect to time, people, and money.
    I would love to hear the new information on “health” that you’ve recently acquired.

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