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I’ve got 3 pieces of hot news to share with you…

  1. Late last night I confronted one of my biggest fears when I went deep into the southern Mexican jungles to meet a Shaman. More on that in a minute…
  2. A big thank to everyone who voted on what to call my new blog website. The winner (as you can see) is “Learn To Live Free”. Check the results here on the branding surveys.
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  3. My new Borderless Blog interview is out! A big thank you to James Guzman for interviewing me.

In this interview I spill the beans on the specific steps I’ve taken to leave my old life behind, and how I’ve created a life of international travel and adventure beyond my wildest dreams, and how you can learn from my mistakes and successes.

Speaking of wildest dreams…

I’m back to doing a bit of travelling. I’ve taken off from San Miguel for 2-3 weeks and gone down south to the Mexican coast. For the next week and a half I’m at Mexico’s premier beach destination… Tulum, looking out into the Caribbean. No wonder this is one the hottest tourist locations on the planet… this is place is stunning!

I’m here for a week and a half before going to down to Cost Rica to the Envision Festival, where about 2000 people descend into what becomes a “Burning Man” style festival on the jungle and on the coast. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to share about that once I’m there…

Now what you’re probably thinking is… Does Barnaby actually get any work done? YES! Even when going to these exotic locations, I still keep up my typical 6-8 hours of work a day. Why? Because I’ve got a business to run! And while this means I can’t just swan around all day doing whatever I feel like, I figure… why not keep working in an office that’s in some of the world’s most beautiful spots? Plus I’m staying right on the beach for only $45 a night!

I’m fortunate in that I can create focus in almost any environment. This means I’m not bothered or jealous when I look out right now at all the kite surfers riding the waves while I’m typing to you. Why? Because I love what I do, and can’t wait to start each day.

I’d suggest if you’re not living a life that you love, you look at what could be done to change that, because this isn’t a dress rehearsal, and our lives are lived in the moment. Right now, today, this second is all we have, and you deserve to make it great for yourself each day.

So why don’t we all live the loves that we’d love to?
Fear. Perhaps because we’re afraid of stuffing things up.

But I think most of all, we’re afraid of losing control. And if we lose control, and things don’t go our way… OMG! What might happen?!

For the past 2 years I’ve been practising a technique of living my life by letting go of control. This has meant I’ve been practising giving up my opinions, giving up my agendas, giving up thinking that I know what is the best thing to do.

2 years ago after I started reading the books by Jed McKenna I started to turn my life upside by letting go of the direction of my life, and seeing where it would take me. (But the way I’m NOT recommending this, it works for me and I know why I’m doing it. I also think this method of living would NOT work for most people).

Now all of this letting go has led me to confronting one of my biggest fears last night here in the southern Mexican jungles, near Tulum.

Firstly, I had no plan at all to come to Tulum. When you let go like this, there are no plans. I didn’t even know about this super famous beach. And then I find myself being invited here by my friend, and so I come.

Then amongst all the randomness of it all, my friend tells me there is a traditional ancient Shamanic ceremony deep in the jungle that lasts all night.

Of course this perks my interest. The thing is, it’s a peyote ceremony. Peyote is a type of cactus used by Mexican Shamans and referred to as a medicine used to induce visions. And yes, sometimes people lose control in such ceremonies!

This is the sort of thing that I’ve avoided like the plague my entire life. I like staying in control and keeping a balanced mind. And yet here I was being invited deeper into the jungle, literally.

Would I allow my letting go practice take me this far? In truth I was terrified, and this went against everything I’d known about myself. But because I’ve gotten so much from this daily practise of living letting go, I thought… why not!

And so I went into a ceremony so far from anywhere, in the middle of the night, around a campfire, with a traditional Mexican Shaman chanting all night long, and yes, we all ate the extremely bitter peyote that I was so scare of.

The funny thing was, once I got there, I wasn’t scare any more.

But the funniest thing of all was… It had almost no effect on me. And that was after eating 4 pieces plus drinking the brew they’d made. I couldn’t tell much difference at all, other than a slight sensation behind my eyeballs. That was it! But nearly everyone else was having a VERY interesting time.

The leaders said this was most likely due to the fact that I’ve been doing about 2 hours of daily meditation for the past 20 odd years, plus dozens of silent retreats. All of which has lead to me being acutely aware of my body and mind. For all that I could tell, I was as clear as I always was.

So… confronting one of my biggest fears of losing control? Nothing even happened. I just had a very pleasant evening, staying awake all night, watching the stars and listening to traditional Mexican music and chanting around the camp fire.

I’ve now further relaxed into the realisation that there is so much less I need to be afraid of, and I’m going to continue to allow this letting go to continue.

Now… perhaps the things you’re most afraid of are non-events too.
The thing is… you won’t know unless you go there and confront them.

You never know, it might even be fun,

P.S. Remember to listen to my interview on the new Borderless Blog.


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