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You wouldn’t believe what happened to me over the weekend here in New York… Either this mega city is really just a very small village (and it’s not), or there’s some crazy synchronicity at work, or the universe is telling me I’m on track!

Before I explain what I mean… I need to tell you about how I run each day.

You could definitely say that I’m super busy running my branding and publishing company, Brand Aloud.

In the morning I list out all my priority tasks, finish meditating and some yoga and then zoom off into work at my favourite spot. Writing down that list of tasks, letting go of how it happens and staying focused and productive is another major interest of mine.

Each day is an opportunity to create amazing outcomes, and staying centred amongst all the distractions of our busy lives is one of the main skills that I’ve been developing for more than a decade. Staying healthy, keeping track of my projects and tasks, and working in a good environment, are my foundations. It’s how I was able to write my book “Life Without Phone Bills” in a single day.

So when I arrive in a new city, it’s a priority for me to find a quality place is that quiet, inspiring and conducive to work. Living in Chiang Mai in Thailand I found a few great places. Including co-working spaces such as Coffee Monster (owned by Leon from Send Fish and FusionHQ) and also Punspace. It was my experience at these amazing spaces that really got me inspired to go looking for other co-working spaces in other cities around the world.

Arriving in NYC, and finding Wix has been a godsend. I meet so many people here, who’ve been living in New York for years, and they’ve never even heard about co-working spaces like the Wix Lounge.

When I got here I knew what I wanted, trusted that it would show up, and within a week found this awesome free space that allows me to work, network and it’s all from pure generosity, they don’t expect anything in return!

Where am I go with this?

Well, this idea of trusting and believing that things will work, just by allowing them to unfold, is what is happening to me constantly each day now.

Sounds a bit far fetched? I’ll let you be the judge of these 7 interactions.

NOTE: Weeks before I arrived in New York City, while living in Ontario in Canada, I came across some really interesting strategies for promoting music online. I met a musician making $30k a month online. I realised that by combining my unique branding strategies with his ideas, I could help film makers and musicians create new streams of income. The thing is, I didn’t know any!

  1. On my first day in New York, I meet Youn Tai. I was tired, having taken a 12 hour trip to get here, but I was still super keep to go out networking on my first night in NYC. I’d booked to go to a Meetup networking event that night. Youn Tai was there, and we connected. Turns out he had been living in Australia for a long time, but had just come to NYC to raise millions to start several new building construction projects. Then randomly 2 weeks later, Youn Tai comes into Wix Lounge and we meet up again! Then last Friday night, without realising it, I go to dinner with a bunch of people, and he’s there again! and now we start making plans how we’ll support each others businesses.
  2. In my second week here, one night I feel the inclination to head into a Starbucks at about 9pm around the lower east side. I sit next to a guy who is obviously not well. I check in with him, (Wayne is his name) and help him out, making sure he gets home ok. Turns out he’s an actor who’s appearing in more and more films. He invites me to his acting classes and I meet a huge group of his acting friends. Including his girl friend, Kandé, a remarkable French singer/actress who already has a bunch of professional tracks out there, but is keen to try my new marketing methods.
  3. In my third week I’m on a random morning subway, and a guy (Anthony) asks me about my fold out iPhone case. We start talking and turns out that Anthony used to be a famous rapper in the 80’s. Now he helps younger rappers get started. I share my ideas about how to create new income streams from music online using licensing models. He’s never heard of this! He takes my card. Then the next day, I leave home at another random time, get on another completely random subway train… and Anthony is there again! This time he really takes notice. And calls me up a few days later to make an appointment to find out how my marketing and licensing strategies can help him and his musicians make more money online.
  4. In that same week I go out one night to watch the sunset over the Statue of Liberty, and this remarkable woman (Liah Alonso) with a bright purple fuzzy bicycle comes up to me. We start chatting, turns out she is a musician with a huge amount of material, many CD’s and she’s busy promoting them herself. She takes my card, and invites me out to New Yorks largest party of the year… which happens to be the next week! I go along with 2000 other people for an epic night where I meet so many people, including Claudine who runs a fascinating Feng Shui real estate consulting company! I tell her about the Feng Shui business I used to run, how I translated the 10,000 year Chinese calendar into an English wall chart – and we agree it would be great to meet! It’s there that Claudine tells me to go to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico… and meet Klaudia.
  5. Over that next week, I try to meet up with Claudine a few times… but it doesn’t work. Then on this last weekend, Saturday night when I go out and see the new documentary “Awake” about Yogananda’s life (an amazing film by the way, well worth seeing!) – and who should be there but Claudine!
  6. Finally yesterday… One of the actors I met through Wayne is Phil. It turns out that Phil, Wayne and most of the actors that I’ve been getting to know are really looking for help to get their personal brands moving! When I started sharing my Internet marketing strategies of how to grow their brands online and new methods of making money – they really took notice. Phil was particularly keen to work on it, because he had so many personal brands that he was getting confused! We agreed we should meet up, but over the past month, we never got around to it.Then just yesterday, I was sitting in a tiny random Starbucks in Harlem, on 125th St, hidden under my hat and sunglasses. Who should come and say hello, but Phil! He’s more shocked than I am. I’m kind of used to this by now. We then spend the next couple of hours mapping and planning out his personal branding strategy, and he comes out blown away by the clarity and focus that he now knows exactly what he needs to do to grow his brand and take his business to the next level.
  7. And then just now… I meet up with Phil again, and he introduces me to his business partner Sean, who is a commercial advertising film maker, who’s just raised $6.5m and is about to start making his first feature film for release next year. Sean it turns out has a huge database and was looking for a strategy of how to connect with them. Inside of our meeting I outline a plan that will not only guarantee the success of his new film, but also pave the way for so many new projects.

I’ve only been living in NYC for 6 weeks. I’ve only met about 100 people, and about 20 have become friends. The fact that I go out now, try to find quiet places to work in remote locations around the city, doesn’t seem to stop me meeting the people who want to meet up with me on a daily basis!

New York City has 8.4 million people. The odds would say this shouldn’t be happening. But then, I never play by the odds. Could it be that the universe is playing out inside our consciousness – Matrix style?

If you think that could be the case, you should check out Jed.

That’s why when I started travelling a couple of years ago I stopped worrying about what will happen next. Because in my experience, things keep happening and taking me where I want to go, without me actually “trying” to make anything happen.

And the more I trust in that, that more fun and relaxed life is.

Wishing you a happy day of synchronicity.

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