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If you’ve been following any of my adventures on Facebook, you’d understand that I’ve been travelling the world for almost 2 years now, and running my branding company from different countries (on the road).

I’ve learned a lot of amazing things about how to create a life and make it work from anywhere, and I’ve been writing them up with a goal to share them.

Well I’ve finally got my first book ready!

​I’ve put together a bunch of strategies that can make a big difference in your life (whether you’re travelling or not). Like how to have no phone contracts, and limit your phone bills to only about $10-20 a month!

This first book is a “how to guide” with the simple aim to help make your life work better.

You can get my new book instantly here Live a Free Life Without Phone Bills

End Contracts, and Live Your Life From Anywhere, While Keeping Your Phone Number!

What I’ve discovered is how to setup and run a phone system where my friends, family and family still feel close to me whether I’m in Canada, Croatia or Thailand.​.. or anywhere!​ They don’t really notice that I’m not at home, because I’m still only a local call away. And all my phone bills and communication costs have been cut by over 80%.

​You can use this system too, so that it doesn’t matter where ​you ​live, if ​you’re ​​travelling or living in a place permanently, getting connected is always ​going to be ​super easy​ for you​.

Travelling around Europe, Asia and America while running my business has given me the ability to apply my knowledge on how to set up an exceptional digital office all over the globe – at 10-20% the cost of running it in my home country of Australia.

Before I started my journey, I understood everything in theory, and that’s what got me started setting things up. Now that I’ve been living it for almost 2 years, I’ve further refined the system.

You might think that living the laptop lifestyle could become expensive with random expenses along the way that most travellers face – however ​you’re going to see there​’s​ was a better way to do it, ​which is ​cheaper ​and comes with infinite flexibility.

Typically when you live in one location you sign up to a bunch of expenses that you’re told you need to have, like 2 year phone contracts, internet contracts, cable, etc.

​Now what happens if you move overseas and, and live debt-free (because it’s actually a lot cheaper than living in one spot permanently!) how would ​you​ still fully function and have everything that ​you​ need to stay connected, to ​talk to colleagues, clients​, family and friends?

A lot of my friends have been asking me how I’ve been able to talk/text/chat to people unlimited, from any country I’m living in, to any other country, for sometimes only $10 a month. And rather than keep repeating myself, ​I wanted to share ​this with everyone!

So I’ve written this book (a very short book that) on how I’ve saved time, energy and $1​,​000s in costs.

In this book I reveal 8 amazing things. How you can:

  1. Use the latest mobile apps to make free calls and send free SMS anywhere
  2. Set up your phone so can use a single working mobile number in any country
  3. Do all of this without paying fixed monthly telco fee – capping expenses at $10-20 per month
  4. How to live with no contracts, no monthly fees, no bills, nothing locking you in
  5. Allowing you to move anywhere and keep all your existing phone numbers
  6. How to setup local numbers in any region, and answer them from anywhere
  7. How to setup national toll free numbers in multiple countries, and fax numbers
  8. Plus how to setup physical addresses that collect your mail in any country you choose, and receive those letters via email as scanned PDFs

Basically it’s how to setup a complete virtual mobile office, that you can take with you anywhere you want, and no one notices the difference. Without this knowledge ​I​ wouldn’t be able to do what I do!

What promoted me to finally write all this down? Well, I’ve decided to put this valuable information together for two main reasons:

  1. I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve now been able to make it work in 4 continents – Asia, Europe, Australia and North America!
  2. I only just found the crucial missing app that pulls the whole system together in the last month! Finding this app is what makes the whole system totally do-able.

Now, this phone system is ​not the only cool thing I’ve learned! ​There are so many things I’ve been able to do by that make life easier and more cost effective, which can be applied in you current life, even if you’re staying in one spot. Like how to use map apps in any city, and not even have a WIFI/3G/4G or any Internet connection. This stuff will further blow your mind!

And I can’t wait to share it with you.

But, if you’d like to know more about how to live a mobile lifestyle, or even just live with less bills and live in the same city where you are – and keep more money in your pocket than going out to big corporations, then get my new book.

Just go here to get your own copy with an instant download. Do it now, before you forget.

This book is a straight forward, quick and easy read that will open your mind to new possibilities, plus save you a ton of money and remove the hassles of dealing with big corporations and contracts!

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