Creating Your Own Outsourced A-Team to Set Yourself Free

If you’re to create a world of freedom for yourself, you’ll greatly benefit from harnessing the 3 success generators. When done right, each of these opens up a new stream of support and [...]


Paris. Tragedy. You can relax, you don’t need to survive

Following the tragedy in Paris, this past week has brought the world closer together, but has also shown how division and separation are still the primary backdrop to our lives of quiet [...]


Going All The Way: 5 Powers for Complete Freedom

What is freedom to you? How would you define it? Even though freedom would mean something slightly different to each of us, there are some common threads. And I’m going to go through 5 [...]


There is no freedom living on the beach

In response to my recent blog post about freedom, how to live outside the system, by showing an example of setting things up with house sitting, and getting amazing opportunities to live by the [...]


Outsourced: When people pay me to live their dreams

When you hear the word “outsourced”, what do you think? Do you think about outsourcing what you love or hate? What happens if someone outsources something to you that you truly love?? [...]


Xcalak, a snapshot of paradise on the Caribbean

That’s what I thought the first time I heard that word… Xcalak… Where on Earth is that? And, how do you even pronounce it? I’m going to give you a snapshot into a totally [...]


How did we forget to be grateful

Do you have a dream of visiting a specific place in the world? I do. Many of them! Well, I’ve finally made it to one of the big ones I’ve thought about for years… Silicon Valley in San Fransisco… [...]

How to begin culling your stuff?

I wondered if you could perhaps offer some guidance as to where to begin culling stuff. I am actually a minimalist anyway, so everything I have that doesn’t belong in the kitchen or the bathroom [...]

Life without all the have to’s

A question I asked all the time is “and how long will you stay in X?”… (At the moment I'm living in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico). I typically answer... as long as I want. Or, as long as [...]

How much stuff did you get for Christmas?

I was going to write a blog post just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas… but when I look around, all I could see is that Christmas is broken. As a religious event that then became a secular [...]

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