Look me in the eye and tell me how free you really are

Vanessa told me, in no uncertain words, that I could not miss her 40th birthday party in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this past week. After all, she was flying out from London to attend it, and [...]


Believing the Impossible. Stargates and Unstoppable 19 Year Olds

I got the best birthday present I could possibly receive this week. When Mia, my daughter, called me on Skype to wish me a happy birthday I discovered what it means to live up to your true [...]


Can you trust a system that doesn’t want you to be free?

I have found 2 brilliant articles recently that can really help you to create the foundations of an online business that will set you free. Why are they so good? Because they give you precise [...]

Wherever you go, there you are

On Sunday morning I once again packed up my entire life again into 2 little bags. And after just arriving last night in Bacalar (the famous eastern Mexican coastal region close to the Belize [...]

Reclaiming a Stolen Life

To me it looks like one of the biggest issues that people face the world over, stress and struggles around money. Can you relate? There certainly doesn’t look like a lot of freedom around it, [...]

Shamans and entering the womb of life

Exploring the Mayan culture in Tulum over this time has been about trust and letting go of fears and restrictive views. I’ve participated in 3 Shamanic ceremonies, explored ancient Mayan pyramid [...]

Live A Free Life Podcast Interview With Victoria Hansen

Victoira first came across Barnaby almost 15 years ago, when she started her online business. They had lost contact for a long time then when social media became part of our daily lives, they [...]

Barnaby’s Borderless Podcast Interview

I've just been interviewed on James Guzman's Borderless Blog! I spill the beans on what it's taken for me to leave my old life behind, and how I've created a life of international travel and [...]

How far can you fly free?

How much do you enjoy your freedom? Or… do you even feel free at all? This week I had the strange experience of being a traditional Mexican sweat lodge called a “temazcal”. I surrendered myself [...]

Keep believing the lie?

Let’s have a chat about money, banks and living globally. I’ll tell you a little about my money management… and a big mistake I made recently, that lead to me discovering a new tool for avoiding [...]

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