Look me in the eye and tell me how free you really are

Vanessa told me, in no uncertain words, that I could not miss her 40th birthday party in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this past week. After all, she was flying out from London to attend it, and [...]


Can you trust a system that doesn’t want you to be free?

I have found 2 brilliant articles recently that can really help you to create the foundations of an online business that will set you free. Why are they so good? Because they give you precise [...]

Tonight is my last night in New York City

Tonight is my last night in New York City (on this trip). Tomorrow I head to San Diego (for the first time!) And 4 days later I fly to Mexico City (for the first time!) with a plan to stay about [...]

If you feel like you don’t know what to do next, this will help

All good things come to an end. And so it is that this is my last week in New York City before I move to Mexico for a while. At first I didn't know where I was going to go next. But after 4 [...]

Adventures in New York City

You wouldn’t believe what happened to me over the weekend here in New York… Either this mega city is really just a very small village (and it’s not), or there’s some crazy synchronicity at work, [...]

How to set yourself up in New York City in 48 hours

This is the kind of freedom which has lead me to my latest location... New York City! Choosing to live in NYC for these couple of months has been one the highlights of my year. And I've seen [...]

How to live without phone bills

If you've been following any of my adventures on Facebook, you'd understand that I've been travelling the world for almost 2 years now, and running my branding company from different countries [...]