There is no freedom living on the beach

In response to my recent blog post about freedom, how to live outside the system, by showing an example of setting things up with house sitting, and getting amazing opportunities to live by the [...]


Outsourced: When people pay me to live their dreams

When you hear the word “outsourced”, what do you think? Do you think about outsourcing what you love or hate? What happens if someone outsources something to you that you truly love?? [...]


How To Quit Second Guessing Yourself

Have you ever kicked yourself, wishing you’d seen the signs, picked up the signal sooner? I sure have! But these days I’ve got a lot better, thanks to living in the “listening” of [...]


Look me in the eye and tell me how free you really are

Vanessa told me, in no uncertain words, that I could not miss her 40th birthday party in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this past week. After all, she was flying out from London to attend it, and [...]


Believing the Impossible. Stargates and Unstoppable 19 Year Olds

I got the best birthday present I could possibly receive this week. When Mia, my daughter, called me on Skype to wish me a happy birthday I discovered what it means to live up to your true [...]


Making Failure Your Access to Success

What do you think when I suggest that you step out today and start to live exactly as you heart desires. Does your mind pause, and think… “I can’t possibly do that, it just won’t work?!” Why [...]


Can you trust a system that doesn’t want you to be free?

I have found 2 brilliant articles recently that can really help you to create the foundations of an online business that will set you free. Why are they so good? Because they give you precise [...]


Xcalak, a snapshot of paradise on the Caribbean

That’s what I thought the first time I heard that word… Xcalak… Where on Earth is that? And, how do you even pronounce it? I’m going to give you a snapshot into a totally [...]


Living Out Of Time

I’m back in Mexico! I arrived about 2 weeks ago and straight away I remembered why I love it here. Mexico is magical, vibrant, carefree and deliciously low cost. I just finished my three months [...]


Portals, UFOs and the Mysterious Bacalar Lagoon

I didn’t realise quite how special Bacalar and Tulum were until I stayed in this area even longer, an extra week and a half. Why so special? Perhaps the fact that it’s a designated “magical town” [...]

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