Look me in the eye and tell me how free you really are

Vanessa told me, in no uncertain words, that I could not miss her 40th birthday party in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this past week. After all, she was flying out from London to attend it, and [...]


Believing the Impossible. Stargates and Unstoppable 19 Year Olds

I got the best birthday present I could possibly receive this week. When Mia, my daughter, called me on Skype to wish me a happy birthday I discovered what it means to live up to your true [...]

Making money on AirBnB without owning property

I’ve been living in Mexico City for more than week now. And it’s taking me quite a bit to get my head around it. Especially because I don’t speak Spanish… yet! (The Duolingo app is helping get me [...]

Living out of 2 carry-on bags saves me over 70% on expenses

Would you believe that I’ve cut down my entire life to just 2 bags? That’s it. Everything I need to live and run my life plus my company I do out of 2 bags, and they're carry on. It’s what [...]

Tonight is my last night in New York City

Tonight is my last night in New York City (on this trip). Tomorrow I head to San Diego (for the first time!) And 4 days later I fly to Mexico City (for the first time!) with a plan to stay about [...]