Making money on AirBnB without owning property

I’ve been living in Mexico City for more than week now. And it’s taking me quite a bit to get my head around it. Especially because I don’t speak Spanish… yet! (The Duolingo app is helping get me [...]

Living out of 2 carry-on bags saves me over 70% on expenses

Would you believe that I’ve cut down my entire life to just 2 bags? That’s it. Everything I need to live and run my life plus my company I do out of 2 bags, and they're carry on. It’s what [...]

How to set yourself up in New York City in 48 hours

This is the kind of freedom which has lead me to my latest location... New York City! Choosing to live in NYC for these couple of months has been one the highlights of my year. And I've seen [...]

How to live without phone bills

If you've been following any of my adventures on Facebook, you'd understand that I've been travelling the world for almost 2 years now, and running my branding company from different countries [...]