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I was recently at a Buddhist Mexican wedding here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It was a lot of fun – and such a mix of cultures! Traditional Mexican food, music and dance, mixed with plenty of American ex-pats – all wrapped inside a Tibetan Buddhist ceremony!

Many people had flown down from the US to attend, and there lots of local friends of the bride and groom. The party went long into the night, and I fell asleep on the couch…

Interestingly I met a woman there, Sarah, who told me about an apartment that she had in NYC where she used to live. She had also left the US and was now living a much easier, less expensive life here in Mexico.

Sarah told me she was renting out her apartment to a friend, but only for about one-third of it’s true market value. The apartment next door was renting for 3 times as much! It was similar to what I was doing with my apartment on AirBnB – which is proving to be great way to make money through real estate.

Except she was losing a lot of money every month, compared to what she could be making. And while she was living very well on the income from the apartment (it doesn’t cost much to live well in Mexico!) – she could have 3 times the income… if she wanted to.

I asked Sarah if she was afraid of making money?

She laughed and said no. But I wondered if she was…

I also learned that Sarah was busily curing herself from an incurable condition of Lymes disease. The treatment that she was using was fascinating, and as I already have several friends with Lymes disease, I was very interested to learn more.

I suggested that she write about her success and share it in a book to help other people with the condition. I said it would be both extremely helpful, and also profitable for her. Sarah thought about it, but didn’t seem too keen to me.

Then while walking down the street a couple of days later, I ran into her and she told me that all those ideas had been buzzing in her head. That the question I had asked, “was she was afraid of making money?” had been ringing in her head all that week!

She told me that yes, she was afraid of making money!
And I’d triggered something within her.

Sarah also confirmed that she was now inspired to begin working on that book to help people like herself with Lymes disease.

At the wedding she’d told me that she had suffered for the past 3 years with Lymes disease. A horrible condition that you get from a single tick bite! It involves the loss of energy, being bed ridden for long periods, and many other debilitating effects. It’s also “in-curable”.

Well… Sarah had found a remarkable machine that send a mild electric current from the skin into the blood stream and “zaps” the Lymes bacteria.

I’ve been using zappers myself for years to remove parasites, viruses and bacteria. They’re an amazing tool if you haven’t tried them. You can check out more about them here –

Now that Sarah was all inspired to write her book, make a difference, help people, plus make some money… I thought it was a good opportunity to share something else…

In truth, it’s probably going to be very difficult, if not near impossible for her to write and finish the book by herself.


It doesn’t even have anything to do with Sarah. It’s just what I’ve noticed over the years coaching 100’s of people and trying to help them create and build their own Inernet business.

Everyone starts out with the best intentions. They want to make a business, they want to create a training program, they want to write a book… but how many actually create it and then release it?

Not many.
Why? Life get’s in the way… distractions… laziness…

But the biggest reason is… loss of momentum.

If you don’t push it out in a timely manner, most people will lose the inspiration and confidence that they can finish the project. Few people know the secrets to rapid product creation.

Well, there’s a formula that I use to create books and products, and you can use it too. This is a system that will enable you to write a book quickly, and get it out to market, and into people’s hands way faster than what most people could do.

So… do you want me to share it with you?

How about I hold it all back, and get you to buy my BIG step-by-step online course that will teach you exactly how to do it for $900…

Or… how about I just tell you!

The basics of it are quite simple.

Here’s a complete 7 step plan to rapidly write a book in 4 weeks:

  1. Research your topic, look in forums, blogs, find out people’s stuck points, and write a long list of questions that would explain everything on your topic – 3 days.
  2. Sort your questions into topics, group them together – 1 day
  3. Decide who will be the expert. Are you already the expert? Or, do you plan on becoming the expert, then you must first do a LOT more research. Or do you need to go out and find the expert, and ask them if they’re happy to assist you? Ask 10 experts, and you’ll find one that is very happy to help you! 4 days
  4. Then give someone the questions, and ask them to interview you (or the expert) and record the interview. It might take several hours, or even several sessions! Depends on how many questions you have. 2 days
  5. Then take the recording, and hire a transcriber on and get it all put into a word doc – 5 days or less, for a couple of hundred dollars at the most!
  6. Then hire a ghost writer to re-write the transcription text into a proper book. 14 days for between $400-$800
  7. Then you go over the book, and edit it to make sure it’s right. And you’re done… in under 4 weeks!

Using this system you can knock out a book on almost any topic, and create an online sales system to start selling it, using a tool like

If you’ve done your research on the topic, creating a book like this can you make enough money to live a free life in many interesting low cost countries. You sell it for $10-$20 per copy, and get 2 sales a day, that equals $300-$600 a month.

If you’re looking to create a free life for yourself, this is one of the best models do this. Remember, you can actually live a very good life in Thailand for $600 per month. Once you’ve succeeded at that, you can keep expanding and refining your online sales system.

You can now see that you don’t even have to be expert to write a book! So if you were thinking that you couldn’t write a book, you now have no excuses 😉

What about how to create a full online training program that pays you a monthly income?
I’ll leave that for another email!

Happy brainstorming ideas for that next book that will help set you free!

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