Creating Your Own Outsourced A-Team to Set Yourself Free

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If you’re to create a world of freedom for yourself, you’ll greatly benefit from harnessing the 3 success generators. When done right, each of these opens up a new stream of support and potential that flows to you effortlessly:

  1. An awesome team of people to help you leverage your time – you’re back
  2. A kick ass strategy for finding and building subscribers and customers – you’re base
  3. A system find tapping into new networks – you’re accelerator

The good news is, I’ve just been given access to David Landau’s brand new kick ass training program that gives you everything you need in a step by step program on how to build an automated online marketings system… and it’s free for the next few days!

More on David’s new training program in a moment…

Right now I’ve just arrived back in LA with my 2.5 bags. 

Since leaving Mexico 2 weeks ago (my home for the past 4 months), I have been moving between LA and San Fransisco. Today is my last full day on this trip living here in the US, here in North America. I arrived on this continent July 2014… and tomorrow I leave (for a little while)… heading back to Thailand, where I’m going to take 2 weeks into silent meditation

Then it’s onto Australia for Christmas and new years.

Creating Your Own Outsourced A-Team to Set Yourself Free


How am I able to do all this?

I have invested a lot of time into those 3 success generators!

Now, have a look at what those 3 success generators have in common?
People!…They clearly demonstrate the vital importance of working closely with good people!

Surely this is the most obvious thing in the world… that we depend upon other people.
And yet how many of us feel like we have to do everything ourselves?

If you’re not experiencing the freedom, growth or opportunities that you desire, what’s missing?

1. First and foremost… You need an effective team that has your back!

Ask yourself:

  • How many of my repudiative tasks do I delegate?
  • Do I even have a team member to delegate to!?

Finding good people to work with, is not always straight forward. I should know. I’ve built and worked with dozens of teams over the years. And I’ve also spent periods, years in fact, trying to do everything myself. And you know what… you just can’t do everything. I was my own biggest bottleneck.

You can do anything, just not everything. GTD, Dave Allen Click To Tweet

I always knew I needed to find quality people to work with, to get a VA (virtual assistant is a personal assistant, but works remotely).

And so, for 2 years I tried out more than half a dozen VAs… most of them quitting for personal reasons, or not feeling they were up for the job.

But I knew this was a key to being free in the world. So I persisted.

In the face of things not working, how do you persist in moving forward? You remain clear on your vision of what you want.

When you’re clear about what you want, and the way you want to live, things fall into place more easily. “But, I’m not sure how I want to live?” I hear you ask! Look around you, consider that is the sum of all your decisions, and is a representation of what you want, manifested into this moment, here, right now.

If it’s not a match for the desires in your heart, write them down.

Get authentic and real about the direction you’re going in.
We need to be clear on what we’re building.

  • Are we wanting to live from a platform that allows us the freedom for complete mobility?
  • Or, do we want to stay in a single spot, creating community and hiring local people that we see each week?

It all depends upon your personal preferences, and goals.
There is no right or wrong way to do any of this.
There is only the truth that speaks from your heart.

The question is, do you have the courage to listen to your heart? Click To Tweet

If you’re wanting freedom of mobility, then local staff and obligations will literally tie you down. That happened to me for a decade or more. But only fully knew it wasn’t for me, after I fully explored and lived through all the costs and obligations that come from hiring full and part time staff.

Without a doubt, I knew that model wasn’t for me.

Next I turned to outsourcing, a model I had used since 2001.

And, if I’d gone from my first experiences with outsourcing, I would have said it was as difficult as full time staff, but in a totally different way!
There were lots of issues finding good people to work with.

Finally, in 2014, after traveling to Toronto, Canada I met MJ through a chance encounter. She was from the Philippines, and at the time was building a new life for herself in Canada. She’d had a lot of experience overseeing and managing teams when she lived in the Philippines, and was also super tech savvy. So, we kept in touch.

For some strange reason, when I needed a new VA, I didn’t think of her. Instead I went with an Australian company, who ended up providing dismal service with a series of VA’s. Each VA they supplied kept on quitting! It was so strange. The first was pregnant and couldn’t stay up late so she quit within 5 hours. The next wouldn’t listen to instructions, and finally got frustrated with me!

Then MJ messaged me, telling me about some of the difficulties she was having getting residency into Canada. The Canadian government were putting up so many roadblocks. She has perfect English and a degree!

MJ pointed out…

The world isn’t such an easy place if don’t have the right passport. Click To Tweet

Let’s not forget, that every country is ranked, and rated. If you’re from one of the privileged Western countries, the world opens it’s doors to you! Count yourself privileged and lucky. But not everyone is as equal as you.

Creating Your Own Outsourced A-Team to Set Yourself Free

Talking to MJ, I suddenly realised that I could hire her instead of this silly group I was dealing with! That was more than 7 months ago. And MJ has become the key member of my team.

I discovered the difference of what it means to have someone who is truly competent.

Then just last month, MJ told me that 32 people that she knew in the Philippines had just lost their jobs because the outsourcing company was moving to a team in Serbia. This group of 32 professionals all had degrees and spoke perfect English.

MJ said she had a dream of setting up an operation that would employ them, and hire them out. Providing employment, and helping grow their economy and their families.

It suddenly hit me, I could help her do this!


And so, for the past month we’ve been creating a new VA agency in the Philippines called OutsourcedHQ which hires out professionals to help people handle such tasks as:

  1. Email inbox management
  2. Phone support
  3. Travel bookings
  4. Calendar
  5. Blog updates
  6. Email newsletters
  7. General admin

The team specialises in getting an email inbox down to inbox zero using my unique super tweaked sorting system based upon GTD (“Getting Things Done” by Dave Allen).

If you see how a VA could help you with either setting up, expanding or running your online business, let MJ know, she’d love to help you with finding a great team member that’s an awesome fit for you.


Creating Your Own Outsourced A-Team to Set Yourself Free


2. Creating a killer marketing machine based upon subscriptions

One of our first VA clients has been David. And the exciting thing about David is, he’s launching a brand new Udemy course, all about how to build and grow your subscription list.

This is that free course I was telling you about!

Your email list will be the backbone of your internet business.

The great news is… for the next few days David is still giving away this $99 course for free!
You can go grab it free here. You’ll be amazed by the depth and quality of the material you’ll learn in his Udemy course.

Do you know about Udemy? It’s an awesome online training platform, that allows you to setup your own courses, sell them to the existing Udemy network, plus also promote them yourself allowing you to make 100% of the money.

Many people like David are making a full time income off creating online courses just like this.

How do you make income from setting up an online course?
You need a tribe of people interested in what you have to offer.
To get this tribe, you need to build a subscriber list.

That’s what this free course is all about… showing you how to create a subscriber list to market to.

If you dream of building an online business… developing your own online training program is one of the best ways to do this.

And if you’re inspired to do this, but feel stuck on how to get started, take advantage of my internet coaching, there’s still a few spots open.


3. Tap into the power of new networks

As you can see, freeing yourself to live the life you dream of takes a team.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, doing it on your own, maybe it’s time for a new approach.

Start to talking to new people in your network.
Ask them for introductions to new people who they think could help you achieve your dreams.
Start going out to new networking events.
Go to a new city, and go out and meet new people.
And see what happens when you expand your network!

You’re worthy of this… and no one else is going to do it for you.

Start to imagine… what would life be like with:

  • a VA helping you get the things done each day that you’d prefer not to do – contact MJ
  • and with a coach who’s already living the dream, showing you how step beyond your comfort zone – contact Barnaby

This is yours for the taking, you can step into a brave new world that wants you to shine.

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