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I’ve been living in Mexico City for more than week now. And it’s taking me quite a bit to get my head around it. Especially because I don’t speak Spanish… yet! (The Duolingo app is helping get me started)

I’ve got an amazingly cool story to tell you about my apartment in NYC, but before I do…

I can see it will take me around 3 weeks to really get my head around Mexico City. After my experience of living in Chiang Mai, Berlin and New York, I’ve noticed it takes me this long to find my feet in a new city. And I didn’t realise that hardly anyone would speak English here in Mexico. And I never imagined that I would be able to get by in a country where an English speaker was rare.

So what is my secret to making everything work in such a foreign land? My favourite amazing apps – AirBnB, Uber, Maps, Meetup, Happy Cow and Duolingo – which have enabled me to find a new apartment, travel around Mexico City more easily, meet new people and start learning Spanish.

It’s amazing how with about 6 apps you can totally get into a new country and city!

And with all of this change, I’ve been able to stay on top of all my branding clients and online marketing projects thanks to fast Internet (Mexico has great Internet!) and my great team who help me manage my projects.

Now in my last week in NYC, several friends said I would be mad to let my Manhattan apartment go. That because I was coming back, they said I really should hold onto it.

Firstly, it is a great apartment, and only 5 mins walk the best subway line in Manhattan. It’s a single room, with no sharing and complete privacy – and I loved living there.

These days I prefer to listen for the queues on what to do next, where to go and what actions to take. So with more than 4 people tell me keep it…

I decided to keep it! I never thought that would be possible. But then I realised how to make it work. You can check it out on AirBnB here.

Then a friend that I made through renting her AirBnB room when I first got to New York City offered to help me look after it while I’m away (over the bitterly cold winter months – I haven’t done an extreme winter or summer for years, as I prefer to move a more temperate climate over those months – basically I just don’t do winter anymore)

Living in Mexico has once again proven to me I don’t need to own a lot. And that’s thanks to AirBnB and Uber. Both have meant that I don’t need to own the main things in life that we’ve been told to – houses and cars.

These 2 apps continue to enable me to live out of only 2 bags and yet enable me to access everything that a home and car would offer – but without all the hassles and major expenses.

Ownership for me has become a strange concept. I’ve found that ownership typically has us tied down and laden us with expenses. Where as utility, access and control enable us to make use of things, but without carrying the egoic concept that they are “mine” – and all the extraneous expenses that that entails.

The super rich apply this concept to their lives. They far prefer to have access and control to things, rather owning them personally. Where as the middle class are taught to buy, own and get into debt. This forever keeps them tied down. Once I learned that concept many years ago, I started to apply to my own life.

However, if you do own things and want to keep them, and yet want more freedom, what can you do?

You might decide to rent out one of your rooms on AirBnb, or even your entire home. You may then find local friends, or even a service that can help you manage this remotely while you explore new places. Then it’s possible this new rental income could enable you to become more flexible with where you live… or possibly just make you more money!

Sometimes we think we just can’t do it. We think that have to stay stuck. But I’ve found that by opening up new possibilities, looking at things from other angles, there are so many other ways to live, and make money than there ever used to be.

Stay open, anything is possible!

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    I am in perfect agreement with you BUT one has to have cash reserves or some constant income to be able to live…!!

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