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All good things come to an end. And so it is that this is my last week in New York City before I move to Mexico for a while. At first I didn’t know where I was going to go next.

But after 4 random recommendations from different people, all saying, go and check the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico.

If I let go and just listen, it’s always clear what the next step is.

I’m sad to leave NYC, but in the past 10 days things have got very cold!
So, it’s time to go south for a while.

Since last week, life has gone into overdrive here, and I can’t help but trip over the opportunities that keep appearing on a daily basis. You wouldn’t believe me… I can hardly believe them myself.

One of the things I’ve been doing is sharing my unique system for crowd-sourced branding, market research and product development with people. They have been amazed by what they can do with this system to get started creating businesses online.

Have you ever felt frustrated and said, “All this working online sounds great, but I don’t have a clue where to start!?”

The good news is, using this information, you don’t have to wonder. You can find out precisely what will work, thanks to these incredible market research tools that are available online, many of them for free! I’ve been using these same tools to help my clients make $10,000’s in their online businesses, by choosing exactly which products to develop and market.

What I’m about to share with you are my secrets to running my branding agency Brand Aloud. I’m going to share them with you now in this new 15 minute step by step Youtube video.

Market Research Tools

And you can have all of this for free. Why? I’ve been sharing this same information with my new contacts here in NYC and they’ve gotten so much out of it, that I thought… Everyone needs to know this stuff!

Because if you’ve been at all inspired by living a life of freedom, limitless travel, no bills, on your own terms, like I have been for the past 2 years – then you need to know this stuff.

Once you understand how to research markets online and pin-point exactly what will work, you’ll reduce a lot of the risks involved in creating and launching a new product.

And once you know which target market to focus on, you can be confident in creating a product to sell to that demographic.

Product development needn’t be overwhelming. You can rapidly create a product using videos, interviews, or compiling research online and getting the product outsourced.

I wrote my new book, “Live a Free Life Without Phone Bills” in a day. Sure, I spent the next 10 days editing, revising and improving it, but the actual book was written in a day. If you also want to create new products for digital distribution, the first step is identifying and researching what will be a winner right out of the gate.

Remember to watch my new video to scroll up if you haven’t, where I share my best tips and top tools for product creation research.

Have fun! You’ll be amazed at what you can find out.

You wouldn’t believe what happened this morning coming out of the subway escalator on 59th Street. Who should tap me on the shoulder, but the SAME music rapper guy that I keep meeting on the subway over the past month! That’s the 3rd “random” meeting in 4 weeks! We agreed there’s something for us to! I don’t get too shocked anymore, it seems this is just how things happen here.

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