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I’ve just been interviewed on James Guzman’s Borderless Blog!

I spill the beans on what it’s taken for me to leave my old life behind, and how I’ve created a life of international travel and adventure beyond my wildest dreams.

Here’s what James had to say about me as intro to the 51 minute interview:

“Barnaby Andersun is a true pioneer in web development, ecommerce, digital branding & online marketing. He loves to help people break free from their jobs and also to move their business online, automate ecommerce systems, & create online traffic to get more sales. In this episode we talk to him about his personal journey and how he now helps people free themselves form the regular 9-5.

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Borderless Podcast – Barnaby Interview Notes:

  • Barnaby’s introduction to the internet (4:40)
  • His start in Entrepreneurship (8:20)
  • His first step to international life (13:00)
  • His two year process of downsizing his life (15:10)
  • The amount of money it takes to travel the world (17:00)
  • The countries he has traveled in the last two years (17:45)
  • Living rent free (21:11)
  • His experience in San Miguel de Allende (22:50)
  • Having an intention without a plan (25:55)
  • Testing out an international life (29:20)
  • His start in Vipassana Meditation (30:45)
  • Barnaby’s upcoming books (33:30)
  • Having an international phone number (34:12)
  • New Borderless Network resources to be announced soon (37:24)
  • Barnaby’s video of the bird Murmuration (42:00)
  • Geoarbitrage (43:00)
  • Selling information products (44:40)
  • Living like millionaire lifestyle without being a millionaire (46:20)
  • Barnaby’s advice to new entrepreneurs (51:00)
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