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How do you know if what you’re working on is taking you in the “right” direction?
So often we’re not sure. But ultimately it all depends upon where you want to go.

So what if you’re not really sure about where you want to go?

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where –”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”
Alice in Wonderland

Are you open to anything and everything like Alice?

Or are you set with goals and climbing the ladder, getting higher and higher?

I often go back to a most profound piece of advice I got from Andrew, a business mentor, where imprinted upon my mind this statement:

“when you put your ladder on the wall of success, make sure that when you get to the top, your ladder is against the right wall.”

People keep asking me about how to create geo-independent income, or location-free cash flow. Basically, how do you make money from your laptop?!

Far too often the dream of creating ones business ends with being more trapped than ever. Certainly my first couple of businesses worked out like that. Bills, staff, leases, taxes… It took years (read, more than a decade!) to identify exactly how to pursue business in a way that worked for me. I wasn’t interested in possessions. I wanted total freedom.

And that meant I had to stop listening to just about all the advice I was being given by all the “business experts” around me, even those who had made millions. They were still trapped. And I truly wanted to fly like an eagle, and how eagles fly is effortless.

So a few of years ago I wrote down my “22 Business Rules For Freedom” to guide me in making choices that continue to lead to greater and greater freedom. Because freedom was my true north, this list further clarified to me the direction to fly in. Freedom is not the “right” answer for life, but it is for me. Yours may be different, or perhaps this resonates.

Because freedom is a goal for so many people, I’ve been wanting to share these 22 rules with you for some time… Now before we look at them…

I also highly recommend you look at getting your Wealth Profile done using the Wealth Dynamics Test. For me this is another key in helping understand the optimal way to create a life and effortless income stream. Using the unique personality profiling system developed by Roger Hamilton, it helps identify your natural wealth generation skills and reveals what is your easiest flow, the path of least resistance that allows income to more flow into your life.

Most people don’t believe it’s possible to live a life of total flow.

I’m here to tell you that you can either focus on creating a life lived in Easy World, or Difficult World. You can live in the Magic, or in the Suffering. Each moment opens up the possibility of “Easy World = Magic” or “Difficult World = Suffering”. What will you choose in this moment?

I’m grateful for taking the bold steps that I have, and it’s a lot of fun using my life as a demonstration for what is possible in the world. With so much magic appearing, I often feel that life could not get any more unusual, and yet it does on a daily basis! I typically don’t share the truly weird stuff with you, because it might just freak you out!

But there’s still enough magic happening inside a normal context, that it’s easy enough to reveal what happens when you give up control and live inside trust, playing the listening game.

Continuing to listen and going to seemingly “random” events keeps proving to be the most opportune way for me to create ongoing success in which ever city I move to.

For example, I’d often thought about how cool it would be to visit Stanford University in Palo Alto, near San Francisco – at the very heart of Silicon Valley. Then on my first time ever going there, I get invited to come back and speak at Stanford within a week!

How does one get invited to speak at Stanford University? One of the world’s most prestigious universities in the world? I followed my gut and went to a party in Palo Alto. Where I shared my views on society plus how I live, and then they said, “we want you to come back and address our group at the university and talk about all of this!”

Sometimes on my adventures I’m not even sure where I’m going to live (yes, that is actually rare, but it does happen!) and each time I discover it leads to remarkable outcomes. Staying with friends or seemingly “random” AirBnB rentals often leads to conversations that reveal how much help they need in building or automating their business.

There is a simple flow that takes over which directs far better outcomes than anything I could possibly imagine, leading me to the right place, at the right time.

When you have intuition against a backdrop of grounded knowledge, coupled with clear intention, you have a winning formula. And this is where those “22 Business Rules For Freedom” come in. They help sort the wheat from the chaff in the world of knowing what I do next.

This means that when any new idea appears in my mind, or someone suggests a new project, I’m able to quickly run it past these rules to identify if it’s worthwhile pursuing any further.

You may see some truth in these for yourself. Taking these, you can also easily formulate your own criteria for picking what to do next, and further refine your own guidelines to build a lifestyle that’s designed to work for you.

22 Business Rules For Freedom Why?
1. Able to be run remotely, from anywhere I can live any where I want to – even remotely
2. Able to be managed online with auto systems Can be automated & systemised without my input
3. A simple system to manage & operate Others can help run it easily – straight forward
4. Able to be run completely without me Enables me to go away for months without contact
5. Can involve my training/speaking abilities Can magnify the biz with my natural strengths
6. It’s something I’m passionate about Can be excited about it, keep learning & improving
7. It’s something that I’ve already had success with I feel congruent, with integrity, it’s worked for me
8. It’s something that can be leveraged & scalable There is no cap on the potential revenue
9. Makes a difference in the world for quality of life I’m part of the solution for our planet
10. After setup (3-6 mths), need only 4 hrs a week I can spend my time exactly as I choose
11. Not need any full-time staff to run the business No overheads of wages or managing staff
12. I love doing it, it’s fun, do it even without pay My own expression & difference I want to make
13. Underlying core assets are under my control What I build I can sell
14. Has a name/brand I can own and control No one can take or stop the business
15. Easy to be profitable, multiple income streams A massive cash surplus constantly flows in
16. Has a passive/residual income Money flows regardless of active work done
17. It naturally inspires others to get involved Attracts an active team, project keeps expanding
18. It exists to support me, not the other way round Each day/month is for me, never a slave to the biz
19. No merchant gateway required Use PayPal or other pre-confirmed payments
20. No education of the market required People already understand the product and want it
21. Not reliant on getting approval to sell goods I’m in full control and can sell the goods easily
22. Is it part of the natural flow? It all just happens, the effort feels effortless

There’s no one right way for everyone, and thankfully we are blessed these days to have so many options to create a life of freedom and possibility.

When I coach people on how to create a lifestyle that they will love, I use a Freedom Foundation Internet Business questionnaire that I put together, which includes…

12 Ways to create a location independent business

  1. Online coaching/consulting – charging by the hour from anywhere via Skype
  2. Make money through online trading the share markets
  3. Make money through real estate or rentals, including using AirBnB
  4. Physical products – drop shipping, you don’t handle any inventory
  5. Digital products – once off product sales that sell automatically
  6. Digital services – helping other people or businesses build their online business
  7. Membership programs / digital training programs – monthly automatic residual income
  8. Affiliate marketing – sell other people’s products, make a commission
  9. Create software apps – even if you can’t program code!
  10. Write books – even if you can’t write!
  11. Blogging or Website with advertising
  12. Mobile app development – iPhone, iPad and Android

Do you see something there that interests you?

Are you inspired from the 22 Business Rules For Freedom to create your own?

I hope so! If you have any questions, let me know.

Now, I’m about to speak about all of this to a group at Stanford University. You don’t have to be there to get in on the fun, as I’ve put the main ideas into this post.

You can start thinking about all of this now, and if you’re interested in expanding your mind about what’s possible, check out the full questionnaire in my “Create Your Own Freedom Foundation Internet Business” and answer as many questions as you can.

It’s time to fly with the eagles, effortlessly.

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