Reclaiming a Stolen Life

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I’m going to Mexico City for a few days,with a bit of business to do in one of the world’s largest cities.

And all of sudden I’ve got an influx of branding work coming in! I already had plenty on.
Some new work coming from Mexico City (we call it DF here) and some new work from NYC.

Lately I’ve been catching up with some of my friends and listening to them talk about their struggles with income. These are typically expats living a similar alternative lifestyle.

To me it looks like one of the biggest issues that people face the world over, stress and struggles around money. Can you relate? There certainly doesn’t look like a lot of freedom around it, most people seem to feel trapped by it, or it’s mercy.

I’ve got one friend desperate to get back to her job in DF (Mexico City). She travelled to Spain for Christmas, and then when she returned from her Christmas break 3 weeks later, they wouldn’t let her back into the country on a technicality! She was instantly deported back to Spain and has spent the past 2 months trying to get back to the Mexico which she loves! She feels she’s lost the life that she’s built up in DF. Her wonderful job, friends, home, etc.

And I understand, Mexico is an amazingly fun and awesome place!

So much is on the brink of being lost for her, that she’s even got herself a new passport while being stuck in Spain so that she can try jump through all the hoops, and she has now travelled to the US border to try to get back into Mexico, only to be turned away again!! This to-ing and fro-ing across the atlantic is getting expensive for her.

I really feel for her – and admire how adventurous she is. Persistently trying all she can to claim back what she could lose, all the while losing money… in the pursuit of reclaiming her past life.

Right now she’s actually on one of the most dangerous borders in the world, trying her damnedest to get across it, only to be getting turned away again!

How much do we cling to our lives?
Are we trying with all our might to stop ourselves from losing something?
Are we trapped by a past, trying to reclaim it… trying to relive it again and again each day.

Given everything will be lost anyway in the course of life (and death) why so much effort, why not just flow. Life is flowing in a certain way anyway, it’s going in a direction, what is the risk in surrendering to that?

When you look at your life, you’ve been told to focus all your energy to build something, then secure it, then protect it. But what happens when what you’ve built is threatened, starts to come undone, or even just change (as it’s bound to anyway).
Do you resist the change… or flow with it?

What if life was simply for living as an adventure?
What if we were here to learn to flow, let go and allow adventures to take us?
Not an easy thing to do, because of our conditioning to “make” things happen.

I know I struggled for the longest time inside the confines of a normal life.

As I drive into Mexico City and see a population sprawling all around the hills that surround a city that is larger than the entire population of Australia, the mass of humanity striving to get by… I feel incredibly fortunate. They say Mexico City has less than 10 years of water left. What will 22 million people do then?

That I’m even easily able to arrive into a city that is not my home, the same city that my friend is struggling with all her might to just get back to. Why is it like this??

What is so easy for some, is so difficult for others, until the tables turn.
These are very strange times.

What appears so difficult can change when one surrenders into the flow that is already happening. The trick is to listen for that flow. And the trick to being able to listen is clarity.

Since getting back from the beaches and jungles of Costa Rica last week, I’ve been sprouting my enthusiasm on how to run an online business with many people this past week. True experts in their field have been coming to me, those who yearn to write a book and establish their expertise around the world… (and yes, make a residual income from this!)

I tell them the steps, write the questions, use to get interviewed and recorded, then transcribe that information and have someone turn it into a book with a full online marketing strategy backing it up.

The strategy is clear, the tasks can be clearly written out, but the implementation is another story!

If I sat down with you for 20 minutes, we could craft a plan that would create the foundation for developing an online income that would allow you to live anywhere in the world. It would take time to implement – probably 18 months in reality. But you could do it.

The thing is, what’s in your way? Only you.

But the bigger question is, how much time do any of us have in this world with all this unprecedented opportunity to travel, create and communicate?

These are the best of times, and most people take it all for granted. I don’t. Because it looks to me like the clock is ticking. So, however much time is left with these amazing technologies and circumstances available, I want to grab it by the horns and have a wild adventure that flows as far as it can go – and the fact that you’re reading this suggests that you have this same opportunity. A life worth living is there for the taking.

Don’t let anything get in your way.

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  • Haydn


    You are indeed a lucky man who has created their own fortune with your diligence and commitment and are entering a truly experimental phase of your life.

    It reminds me of the Hindu life stages: child, student, parent, and then wanderer looking for illumination.

    Except with a lot of tech stuff thrown in for good measure – I’m sure it will be an amazing ride.

    Hopefully I will be able to travel with new medication, except I’ve skipped a few life stages.

    Might be the wanderer looking for illumination and leaving all the rest behind.


  • John Mulvey


    I’d love to meet you! My life has been an adventure from understanding selling, which is in fact giving people an opportunity to buy, to creating my own business,helping people to step into their own power and to be the best that they can be. I’m a life performance coach, an author of 5 books, a professional speaker and am able to get off myself and focus on others.
    The world is forever changing, and the demands for my expertise are diminishing. How can you help?
    Kind regards, John

  • Eric Teschke

    Amazing. And I know luck has nothing to do with most of your planning and developing your ideals. The only luck we need is meeting the right people to get the ball rolling. One of the ways to do that is keep meeting new people! I would be interested to talk to you about a business strategy to get my investment company some face time with the rest of the world. I think that it’s critical that everyone have a chance to experience the world outside their comfort zone. And that’s what I plan to do for the rest of my life!

  • Kasia

    Ohhh, Barnaby…. I love to read you, especially now, when I feel freedom of time pressure. Everything is changing, might be gone by tomorrow. I can’t control that. Life is passing, for some people – slower, much faster – for me. Then, who can blame me for being fool? Next trip starts in few weeks. People with singing soul are around. Happiness!
    Who cares about brick home or modern toys? How much all the money worth, if your heart is trapped in empty cage and can’t see miracle of life? Choices. Neighbour grass is always greener. Would I (or you, or anybody anywhere), be happier, if x-years ago would say “no” instead of “yes”? Whatever we do, have to sacrifice something. How can I know, which way suppose to be mine? Which is leading to my place in this world? Does any? No training process for life… Have I got any rights, to listen my heart and go? Visit all the fascinating, exotic cultures, I didn’t have idea about? And lock up my previous life to solid box in the attic? Surely, people with broken heart, who were left behind, can take care of it.
    So much to live, so little time…

    Big hugs, Barnaby! See you again, somewhere near sky!

  • Judi M

    Barnaby -I wish I could sit with you for those 20 minutes – I feel on the brink and I do want to change my life …. I need to give the 18 months I want to….time is ticking very fast and I don’t want to waste any more of it

  • Barnaby

    Hi Juli – you can… just on Skype! Send me a message if you want some coaching on your next step 🙂
    Skype: Barnaby.Andersun

  • Anonymous

    Hi Barnaby,

    Nice story with a spiritual opening with your friend not being able to re-enter Mexico. Maybe its an karmic obstacle?

    1. I think money is interesting because in some periods you can get a lot of it, and in other periods you don’t get enough.
    2. I think most people are trapped by money because they need it to support their families, or a lavish lifestyle, living beyond their means.
    3. I can see that many people cling on to their lives for image, status, clinging on to the past because the past was good.
    4. Yes, I agree that life is going in a certain direction. Sometimes I wonder if I live my own life, or if I live a life of my past karma.
    5. I guess people don’t want to live the flow of life because they want to control their own lives.
    6. Online business is one path to freedom!

    Best wishes,

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