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When you hear the word “outsourced”, what do you think?

Do you think about outsourcing what you love or hate? What happens if someone outsources something to you that you truly love?? More on that in a minute…

Normally we think of jobs being sent overseas. It’s the way of the world now.
People keep looking to find what they think will be the most effective ways to do things.

Now we can even outsource some of our own tasks to people who may well be better at the job, and grateful for the income, giving you more freedom to focus on what you’re good at.

It’s said that the sure fire way to success is to delegate every task that you have to someone who is equal or better at it than you, and who will do it for a lower fee than you will. This enables you to keep focusing on the tasks that you love, where you get a higher and higher value from! Plus, there’s a side benefit… you’re giving back and creating jobs for other people.

This is how I’ve run my own business for more than a dozen years now. Outsourcing is how I’m able to travel, work from anywhere, and still get everything done.

Delegate what you don’t want to do, give them the opportunity and paying them, and make more money doing what you love. Click To Tweet

But what about when we outsource our dreams?

Would you think that was a unusual thing to do?


What happens when someone creates their dream home in a paradise with a private beach, tropical weather, coconut trees, coral reefs just a short swim away… but they’re not able to live there.

You need to delegate your dream lifestyle to someone else! That’s what happens.

And so, for the past 3 months, I’ve been very grateful for the opportunity to be a caretaker, and live that dream lifestyle as my own, in the Caribbean.


It’s now my last couple of weeks here in Xcalak.

I will have lived here by the coast for almost 4 months in this stunningly beautiful house, offered to me as a house sitting caretaker. I was able to invite a couple of friends to come and live with me, and together we’ve had a remarkable time – too strange and fantastic to share here!

My friend Kira got me this place.  George is a friend of hers, and is now back here from his travels across Europe, where he walked the Camino for several months.

Why has he come back? Because he loves it here so much, and he’s been living here in Xcalak, along the coast for some years.

George is from the US, and wanted to get away from the cold weather, away from expensive living and live in the tropics, with a simple carefree lifestyle. Eventually he discovered this magical town on the Caribbean coast, filled with huge empty expat homes. After a lot of travel, this became this favourite place.

He started befriending people here, and some of the owners of the homes asked if he would caretake their homes for them while they were back in the US or Canada for parts of the year. Suddenly George had offers of amazing accommodation as a caretaker, some of which were even paid.

Whenever he needed to, he could also ask a friend to come and relieve him, so that he could go away for extended trips himself, like his recent adventure on the Camino.

If you don’t know what the Camino trail is, be sure to watch the incredible stunning film “The Way”. This would be surely one of life’s most amazing walks to do. And I think George epitomises the tag line form that film…

“You don’t choose a life, you live one.” THE WAY


What’s interesting in all of this, is what George said to me 2 weeks ago.

“People pay me to live their dreams.”


“People pay me to live their dreams.” Click To Tweet

This blew me away.

I realised that while the owners of where we live are working hard to pay for their home in the States, plus their bills and taxes, they’re also paying for their “holiday home” down here… which they don’t get to enjoy for the whole year.

The rest of the year? A caretaker comes and lives the coastal Caribbean lifestyle.

The good news is, there are heaps of people who own amazing places around the world, who don’t live in them all year round, and need someone to come and live their dream lifestyle.

And this is where you can come in!

Check house sitting sites like these ones:

Why is that people can’t always live their dream?

A lot of the time it would be because they haven’t structured their lifestyle in a way that is designed to give them the flexibility that they would need in order to do as they please.

There’s nothing wrong with this.

But if you yourself are seeking to have the maximum flexibility, the maximum opportunities to do whatever you want, then start looking at all the hidden opportunities that would grant you the ability to live in exotic locations for almost nothing.

Through our social conditioning that’s told us that life is hard…

We’ve been taught a bunch of lies:

  • That you have to pick something sensible, even if you don’t really love it.
  • That you need a degree.
  • That you have to work long hours to make a lot of money.
  • That you need to secure yourself for your old age.
  • That you need a mortgage in order to have secure accommodation.
  • That you have to own everything in order to actually use it.

This is opposite of how the super wealthy live:

  • Don’t do anything yourself that you aren’t good at. Instead, pay someone else to do it!
  • Hire other people that are smarter than you.
  • Don’t seek own anything, it’s a waste of resources.
  • But rather seek control everything.

Control in this sense means “utility”.

If you can utilise something, why would you bother owning it?

Since learning these principles I’ve worked to set up my life to follow their simple logic.

I hardly own anything. I’m down to 2.5 bags!
And while I hardly own anything… I have “control” over accommodation (thanks to Airbnb, house sitting and workaways), over vehicles (thanks to Uber), and over everything I need in order to do almost anything I want. And it costs me a fraction of what it costs to actually own them.

Plus ownership ties you down, which in turn gives you less options.

Just like it does for the people who own amazing holiday homes but can’t live in them.

If you can utilise something, why would you bother owning it? Click To Tweet

George discovered the secret, and now I’m sharing it with you to.

You don’t have load a lot of stresses onto yourself. You can choose a different course.
The path less travelled.

And consider this… There’s no point in trying protect yourself from an uncertain future.

Why? Because the rules have changed. The world is a radically different place now from the one you originally grew up.

And it’s going to get a lot stranger in this next decade. Decade? Try next week!!

For example, next week Tesla Motor next week is pushing a software update to the owners of it’s cars that will enable them to be driverless. It’s quite possible that driver-less cars represents the BIGGEST change in our economy since… the automobile! And the age of this shift… starts next week. And it will start quietly, but it will build into wave that could well wipe out huge industries and change our economy in ways that we’ve never seen. Don’t believe me? Read this blog post. Nothing is sacred.

And as if that wasn’t enough, next week also sees the firing of atoms at speeds never seen before in an effort to create mini black holes and open up gateways to parallel universes using the Large Hadron Collider “atom smasher” at CERN centre in Geneva, Switzerland. We’re just days away from this… You can’t make this stuff up!

Our future is only getting more unstable. And if you haven’t set yourself up for maximum flexibility, you may not enjoy the true wealth of opportunities that are coming.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you do or you don’t.

But if you love feeling the feeling of freedom, then start to tune into the these new waves that are coming our way. Because they’re not getting smaller, their only getting wilder and weirder.


Thanks to someone criticising me on the fact that you can’t find freedom living on a beach… I’ve written this follow up post. You’ll want to read this one.

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