How far can you fly free?

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I believe the majority of people are good and want to help others and make a difference. They have other people’s interests at heart.

But I also believe that most people find themselves in circumstances that don’t really support them. And upon reflection, are probably part of something that doesn’t really have their interest at heart.

And I want to help change that.
I want to even things up a bit and give people more power to live lives under their own control.

I’ve had interesting past couple of weeks…

I’ve made a new good friend here in San Miguel de Allende, James Guzman. James runs the – where he has a weekly podcast interviewing people about new ways to create freedom for ourselves. And what’s more, James has spent years becoming an expert on setting up international structures and investments, and pulling together all the contacts who can help you to do this.

James asked if he could interview me for his podcasts. I said, yes of course! Then we got talking, and we discovered that not only did we share similar interests, we shared a similar objective… to show other people the specific steps of how they can help free themselves and start to live a life on their own terms.

So, James and I have started collaborating and we’ll be releasing a training program where you can get all your questions answered… (Stay tuned for that).

This week while I was being interviewed on the Borderless podcast, James asked me if I had a single piece of advice to help someone.

I said to believe that this was possible, and not to listen to anyone who says otherwise. And to really question the motives of others, and the motives of our society as whole in relation to the life you’re living.

We know there is plenty of negativity out there, and plenty of people and organisations who tell you can’t just do what you want. They say that you should focus on building a career, paying off your debts, paying your bills, paying your taxes, being consumed by popular media and politics, and along the way impress as many people as possible. As if that is the sum total and goal of your life.

Do you want your tomb stone to say
“I did everything right, I paid everything I should have, and society has celebrated my life”.

Will it really say that?
Are you ever really thanked for all the sacrifices that you’ve made?
And if not, are they really worth it?

I’m not talking about not taking care of your loved ones.
I’m talking about the logic of supporting and buying into a society that doesn’t really support you.

Isn’t there something in you that says “something is wrong here?”

Do you really think society has your best interest at heart?
I don’t. I think there’s very little in society that has your true interest at heart. Most other people and most other organisations want something from you. And at the end of it, no one says thank you.

There’s nothing wrong with that.
It’s just, is that anyway to really live out the rest of your precious life?

Don’t you want to be free to wake up where you want, with the people you love and have your day lived on your own terms, rather living under the pump of someone elses agenda?

The prevailing motive of the Western World is to get you into a circumstance where you have very little freedom and plenty of obligations. And most of all, very little time to even stop and think about any of this!

I know because I was caught in this trap for about 20 years.
And it really took something to get out of it.

Now that I’m out, I have the time to think, create and explore.

In the past week I was fortunate enough to see a display of remarkable freedom and beauty.

It was the night of the full moon, and there was a traditional Mexican full moon ceremony at the local San Miguel botanical gardens. But before the ceremony started, there was a murmuration of birds flying in.


Hundreds, if not thousands of birds swarmed in the sky like giant schools of fish in the ocean. The display was breathtaking, and I caught it on camera for you in this video.

These birds know how to live a free life – and a beautiful one at that.

What could we learn from their example?

Fly free, and don’t settle for anything less.

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