Can you trust a system that doesn’t want you to be free?

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I have found 2 brilliant articles recently that can really help you to create the foundations of an online business that will set you free. Why are they so good? Because they give you precise examples, step by step instructions on how to build online business from a database of zero. They include the exact templates to use, and the method on how to create a product and start to sell it online, all from nothing.

So if that’s you – no product, no email list – read these 2 articles…

With that information all laid out, there are truly no excuses. Because like that guy in the articles, you can start from nothing, and within 5 months have the freedom you desire.

If you read about my life of travel and freedom, and you want that for yourself, but you say, “I can’t have it because I’m tied down with xyz” then let me tell you, you are the only thing in your way. That sounds harsh, because I’m sure there is a LOT of things in your way.

One of the biggest things in your way is literally, your current life. The very life inside the system that you call home, the one where you take solace, is also the one you seek freedom from.

It is your life and the previous choices that you have made that creates the very bonds that tie you down. Click To Tweet

But it’s not your fault. It is the very way the system is designed. It’s profoundly dysfunctional. And no one describes our current predicament more succinctly than Elias Cattan. I interview Elias every week using my system for helping someone write their book. Elias is an expert on Deep Ecology and Life Design. Each week, through an interview that get’s transcribed into text, I create another chapter of the book. (Click here for full details on my book writing system – a method that works even if you can’t write).

But this week’s interview with Elias was different. That’s why I’m going to share the video with you. Why? Because it’s Elias’ detailed presentation on how are are slowly killing ourselves as a species through the insane way we’ve designed our cities, and what we’re going to need to do to actually survive. Watch it, it’s compelling.

As you’d see, while we are choking our environment, we are at the same time on a personal level  continuing to tie ourselves in knots. Almost as if to protect ourselves from seeing the truth of our situation, on so many levels.

The more I write and share about living a life of freedom, the more stories I hear from people who are up against the coal face of being stuck in a society that does not want you to be free.

Like Julie a single mum in NYC, who now wants to start her own blog. Julie hates New York City, and she desperately wants to move away. She dreams of travel and teaching yoga. She has a 17 year old son who is so rude to her, he doesn’t appreciate any of the efforts she puts in.

Somehow, miraculously Julie just gave herself a long overdue 4 weeks break over summer to visit friends and recharge. While she was out of NYC, she let her old boyfriend live in her home while she was away. Upon getting back what happens? Her ex has taken over, and won’t let her and her son move back in. What can she do? Don’t they say possession is nine-tenths the law? What exactly is life asking of Julie?

Or my friend Emily in Brisbane, Australia. She wants to be just like me, she said this week. To travel, to do as she pleases, to have few expenses, and to live lightly. Now she has her husband onboard! They already have their house setup for renting. She’s excited, and they are making plans.

Emily asked me about house sitting sites. I told her about and also the system.

She then asked me what was the toughest thing about travelling and always being on the road? Given that for me, there isn’t really anything tough about it, I said to her “for you, it will be actually leaving Australia, literally getting started, learning to let go, learning to flow, and allowing the world to work it’s magic to give you everything you desire.”

Then Emily said “My biggest fear or concern actually is, when do we decide to return to Australia? Because that in turn effects how we let go and leave!” I replied, “I typically only buy one way tickets, it solves that problem.”


Then there is my new coaching client Josh, in San Fransisco. He is wanting my help to setup up his new coaching service and build his online training program, so he signed up for my weekly coaching. He lives in one the most expensive cities in the world. He works 2 jobs, plus is paying down his student loans, which are huge. Remember, the US starts people off on their careers completely debt-laden, just to make sure they don’t stray very far from the system.

Josh acknowledged that he had very little time or space to think creatively to create his course. And yet he wanted the freedom to spend more time with his friends in SF. I said… To be honest, it will be hard for you to create the freedom you desire while you’re still in the system working 2 jobs.

Plus, due to the huge expenses of living in San Fran, the fact that he has to work so hard, he will struggle just because he is so exhausted. I suggested that he leave the US, and go somewhere cheaper for a while, with savings, to create a clean slate so that he could put in the proper time into creating his online course. He said that he doesn’t want to leave. That he wants to keep the security of his apartment, and the ability to visit his friends.

Most people want those two simple things.

  1. Their regular home, as a place to stash all their possessions.
  2. And the ability to continue go visit all their friends.
  3. But then, they also say they want something else, their freedom.
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When Sue had set herself free from the US, and was living in Bali, she was really on her way. And yet on one of her trips there, she was bitten by a dog. She felt homesick instantly. Then her friends implored her on Facebook to return back to the US, to come home to Portland. And so she did. Sue really wanted to connect with everyone, but upon arriving and living there for a few weeks, how many of those friends came and visited her? None. No one had any time.

Sue promptly left the US and moved to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. That was more than six months ago, and she’s never been happier. Now she runs her blog, is a featured writer and is even about to start hosting her own radio show!


How much time does Josh really have to visit his friends? He’s already working 2 jobs, and now that he’s setting up his Internet business, essentially he’s creating a third job – just so he can go hang with his friends. Has he really thought through what their situation is as well? How much time do they really have to see him?

Not much. Because when everyone is caught in this sticky web, no one has much time for each other, and yet everyone is craving to connect. It’s like an endless loop.

And these are essentially  “rich” Westerners, living in countries like Australia or the US. The people that everyone else aspires to be like. And yet they are just like people everywhere else…

Caught in a system, afraid of letting it go, yet wanting to be free. Makes for inner conflict. Click To Tweet

Why is it all like this? Because the human society wants you to remain a worker ant. A cog in the wheel. An economic unit that helps all the companies to keep growing. It has designed you to function like this from the word go. How much of all these desires really are “you”, and how much is pure conditioning?

The trick is, you won’t know until you find an exit.
But before you find one, you’ll need to look, and look really hard.
Because while they’re all around you, they’re almost impossible to spot.

Why look? Because this is the very nature of yourself. You come from nature, you are intrinsically part of nature. There is no separation.

And it is this nature inside you that whispers… I want to be free. Click To Tweet

Keep in mind, you don’t even have to go anywhere to create that passionate life you most desire! You can be like Elias. He’s living in Mexico City, fulfilled in running his successful architecture firm. Helping to clean the river systems of the city. He’s turned his life into part of the solution. He travels the world, giving lectures on deep ecology, urban design and cleaning up cities. He doesn’t need to let everything go, he’s created a platform of freedom for himself.

Was it hard for me to cut the ties and free myself? Yes.
But now I get to enjoy my own private beach on the Caribbean coast, in Xcalak, and spend my time writing and eating mangos. I would never have been able to do this had I kept living my old life and hanging out with my friends… plus, they don’t have much time anyway.

And time, my friend, is all you have. What will you do with it?

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