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Lately I’ve been getting more questions about health and how I look after myself on this wild “around the world in never-ending time” adventure without end.

As you might have gathered from my other posts, health and optimising this bodies performance are key interests of mine. All of this lead me to go to a must attend event recently – David Woolfe’s “Longevity Now Conference“. As if I didn’t have enough goodies in my bag already, this was the ultimate event to discover even more secret ingredients to stock up on.

But more on that in a moment…

First I want you to check out this video where I walk through everything health-wise that I take with me, and why I take each one with me. Because when you don’t have much space, each item has to be well thought out in advance.

Now, you don’t have to travel to make use of this info, in fact, as you’ll see, it will be WAY easier if you don’t!

Now… if you think that was overwhelming, and impossible to keep on top of, think again. All that crazy amount of nutrients that I carry in my 2 and half bags, boils down to this handful of supplements that I take each day. As you can see, it’s quite manageable.


For some of you, your next question must be… WHY??
What is the point in all this health fanaticism?
And some of you would say, “Barnaby, don’t you know that you probably can’t even absorb all these super nutrients? They’re just expensive pee going down the toilet!!!!”

(For starters, one of those pills is a DNA optimised brain pill. So, if you haven’t had your brain’s DNA mapped out, and then had the chemists create your own personal DNA super brain pill designed specifically for you, you have no idea what potential you’re missing out on for maximising your own efficiency and personal power… This stuff is life changing! And humanity has barely got started on what is possible!)

So does any this stuff work? Does it really change how you:

  • feel in your body
  • react in your nervous system
  • feel in your heart
  • and think in your brain?

Yes it does!
But before you consider whether you believe me or not…
Let me ask you an interesting question… how long do you want to live?

Or perhaps a better question… how long do think you will live?
Or is the really interesting question… how long should you live?
(Combined with the underlying assumption that one’s quality of life actually keeps getting better and better along the way – something else you probably don’t believe 😉

My life-long interest in these questions are ultimately a huge part of my re-entry back into the US. 

After my first couple of weeks of living in San Fransisco, I headed down to Los Angeles, to Anaheim to be specific.

Why Anaheim? Was I going to be like all the other 50,000 plus people going to Anaheim each day to see the fabled promised land where Mickey and his friends hang out? Was I going to Disneyland?
No, sorry… I don’t have much interest in that… and I’ve already been 😉

No, I was going to David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference – which is kind of health Disneyland for people like me.

I discovered that it’s a yearly pilgrimage that thousands of people make each year. I was new. I’d never seen the famous David “Avocado” Wolfe before, but for years this had been one of my dreams, to make it to this extraordinary health event. It was actually why I was returning to the US in the first place after 5 months of loving and living in Mexico.

3 days from 7.30am to 9.30pm, listening to some of the world’s experts on health, longevity, nutrition, DNA and telomere lengthening sounded like a blast to me!

Since first discovering 2 years ago how the impossible is now being made possible (unlocking the key to why we actually die) longevities importance escalated for me. Does that mean I don’t want to die? Not all. Death is the extraordinary flip-side mystery of this wondrous thing we call “life”.

Why the interest then? Because optimisation of what is possible is a fun game to play. Living at the edge, at the limit of what people think you can’t do just adds that extra little spice to life.

Hang on a minute, what was I talking about when I wrote “had been thought impossible”?

Telomere lengthening. It’s one of the keys to reversing ageing and unlocking the keys to true longevity. Telomeres sit at the ends of your chromosomes, and as they shorten, you deteriorate. People call this getting old. Actually, all it is, is your telomeres losing length. And that’s why your body starts to “fail you”. You don’t actually age, you just lose telomere power, like a battery.

David Woolfe said something even more radical. He said “We don’t just die. We kill ourselves, very slowly over 80 odd years.” Few people take the time (or have the resources) to research health and how to optimise their bodies abilities to regenerate itself.

When I was younger my plan had always been to live to 120, but upon learning all this 2 years ago I immediately doubled this, and making 240 would mean that I would be seeing not just the next century, but the one after that. Which sounds pretty cool to me. But if it all ended tomorrow (or today) that would also be equally amazing. Life is a daily blast, beyond anything I thought was possible.

By now you either think I’m joking, a freak or crazy… or perhaps all of the above!

But let me tell you, hearing David’s plan of living to 3,000 – it made all of my previous thinking obsolete. He clearly outlined his plan, his strategy and his context for playing the game we call living life on Earth.

And if you think David is beyond crazy… he’s not the only one. What is the primary objective of all those billionaires I’ve been living near to in San Fransisco? Do you think it’s only to make cool technology, apps and gadgets?

That’s just the front. That is their access point to researching and reversing aging and creating artificial intelligence. That is their goal. Larry Page, CEO of Google, has in the past 12 months come out and clearly stated the reason he pouring vast sums of Google’s research into anti-ageing is identify the causes that lead to the break down of the body, and he said, that based upon their current findings, he’s confident that he’ll be making it to 170 years.

It was in a TIME profile where Larry Page said that solving individual diseases, even ones as pervasive as cancer, would not increase life expectancy by much, about 3 years on average. He said it was time to do a reframe, see cancer as a symptom; the true disease is aging itself. As we age and our cells wear down, which causes other diseases.

Larry Page and 170 years must sound fanciful to you. But hearing David talk about 3,000 years!? I’m only now beginning to get where he’s coming from. Because when you combine David’s incredible health strategies with the research happening at Silicon Valley, it’s become well known here that you only need to make it to the point of singularity – which is when these new insane health technologies break through and start reversing and start rebuilding telomeres collide with the creation of AI – that is the point at which 30-50 new quality years of healthy living start getting added to people’s lives. And they say that these breakthroughs are either available right now, or will be within the next 20 years.

So… back to that question I asked you earlier… if you’re reading this email, you’re ONE of the most insanely privileged people on the planet. You’re most likely one of the people who will have access to, and be able to afford these incredible health breakthroughs. What will you do with this knowledge?

How long do you think you should live?
How long do you think I, or anyone else should live?
Does this conversation push your buttons? Does it make you angry?
Why would you want to live for hundreds, or even thousands of years?
And what happens to your relationship with death?

I’ve discovered over the past several years when I confront people with these points, that they are typically very put off.

  1. Firstly they typically say… “I’m flat out trying figure out to afford and pay for my life in my current paradigm of old age” (which they say is only from 65 to 90 if they’re lucky).
  2. And when I say it’s more likely that they’ll be living over 120 they ask, they say “how will I be able afford that??!!”
  3. And lastly they ask… “What will I actually be doing with all that extra time? What will I do with my life? I’m still trying to figure that out right now?!”

What amazing questions they raise!
If that is your response… doesn’t it point to something even more interesting? Like what exactly are you doing with your life? Why are you living it right now the way you are? Are you just waiting or wanting to die?

Personally I’m here to play full out, for as long as I can. I know death will come and take me out. And I welcome whenever it wants to do that. But until then, why not live this life as an adventure, and take it all the way.

Keep in mind, that the future is going to get very very interesting – and radically different from what you see around you today. If you think that you’ve got it figured out, and that living a simple life of work leading to retirement is all that awaits you, think again. Perhaps that is what you will aim for… however entirely different trajectories are now surfacing, and if you open yourself up to what they mean, and if you confront the question…

What am I actually doing with my life?

You might find yourself actually living an entirely different type of life, not one in the future, but one today.

It’s time to re-define what it means to be alive, because today is like no other day in history.

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  • Matthew

    Awesome Barnaby. Lot of value. Unique topic. Video. Conversational writing. Keep pumping them out bro.

  • Chello

    Hey Barnaby, thanks for this vid mate. Just wondering about the black salve, you said you can make it . . . do you have a list of ingredients/instructions? I want to give it a go on my wife’s skin cancers, she gets a lot.

    Did you make a list of the supplements you are using?

  • theresa

    Super fun Barnaby. Made me smile heaps. Can you please provide a listing of all of these supplements as some of the names were hard to catch/scribe. Keep up the fun spirit, learnings and sharing. Thankyou from my heart 🙂

  • Kurt

    Hey Barnaby, great to see you in the flesh, so to speak. I really enjoyed your video. Please send me list of the supplements to, if you get to it. much love 🙂

  • Brian Baulch

    Wow amazing interesting range of herbal nutritional products you have Barnaby, would love if you created a list to share all the the products you take also how what are the ingredients required to make that black sour anti-cancer product?

  • Kelly

    Great Stuff Barnaby … Would love to see a list of the stuff you take:)

  • David Mesrobian

    I see this world as huge and amazing. Standing atop a mountain- one can feel infinite space opening up all around you, which for some reason creates a desire, at least in me, to live a really long time, like 12,000 years. Spring also creates that desire- I would have no problem being alive for 12,000 springs. I feel like if there is something about life you can truly enjoy, other than “work and paying bills”, you will see where I am coming from. If you only see the purpose of life as making money, I could understand seeing the current life span, 80 years, as enough.

    The purpose of all medical treatment really can be boiled down to one thing: Preventing death, and injury. Why do we rush to a burning house and pull the occupants out? So they don’t die. Why do people want chemotherapy for cancer? Because without the chemo, they will die. On that note, we totally should crack the code to why people age, because aging causes many other diseases. I really don’t believe that cancer can be cured if the aging process cannot be controlled. Same with many other diseases that mainly affect “older” people. The point of radical life extension is to figure out how to control the human aging process and use that knowledge to eliminate pain and disease. The side affect, you cannot tell how old someone is by looking at them, and there really is no limit on the number of years a person could theoretically live. You could run a marathon in 10 years, 100 years, 1,000 years, or 10,000 years.

    Sure, being able to live indefinitely strong and healthy may pose problems such as overpopulation, but if you had a fatal disease, are you going to think about the overpopulation that might happen if you cure the disease, or do you just want to keep living? Technically, we all want to live forever. One could easily keep receiving life saving treatments (in this case aging reversal) meanwhile 22,000 years passes by. Amazing how time works. Accidents could still kill you though, so be careful not to be crushed by a 20 ton truck. I feel like there is a general consensus that we would not want overpopulation if radical life extension were to succeed, so we would take action to prevent overpopulation. It’s not that hard to get a majority of people to agree with you that overpopulation is bad, and if we all have indefinite life spans, the future matters a lot more than it seems to matter right now. We don’t solve todays problems, largely in part because “none of us will be around to see it, so it does not matter”.

    To put a number on it, I don’t think I would want to live much more than 20,000 years. That would require too much risk aversion, and I don’t want to live an immortal life terrified of getting a paper cut or being struck by lightning. Statistically, assuming accidents were the only cause of death, I would definitely be more careful than I am now, and would probably aim to live between 10,000 years and 20,000 years. I probably would be killed in an accident, doing something I love, which I really believe is the way to go- there is no fear or dread leading up to that moment.
    I don’t want to live forever.

    “David Mesrobian age “more than 14,000 years” has been struck by lightning and killed while swimming in the river”. The incident occurred in Baxter Park, near Katahdin City, Penobscot.

    I know, I like to think big. But, you only live once, so you might as well live a really long time and see all the cool things that happen in the future! This planet is beautiful. A spring morning hearing the birds chirp is amazing. Plus, there is so much universe out there, I would honestly want to see another planet if that became possible. Life ain’t all about money and work, and if you feel like it is, it is very easy to disagree with me on wanting to live longer. Time is money. Offer me 20,000,000,000 dollars or 20,000 years, and I take the 20,000 years- no thinking required.

    Indefinite life extension is the future, quite literally. Nobody wants disease. If that requires a life span with no limit, then so be it.
    That’s my two cents.

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