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When I set about designing my mobile lifestyle, I wanted maximum freedom, but with all the things you’d normally access when living in one spot. I just had to make everything location independent.

The 7 main areas of life I focus on:

  1. Regular income – online sales from products and consulting
  2. Protection – global anywhere insurance for everything – World Nomads
  3. Communication – my global anywhere phone number
  4. Gear and possessions – my Eagle Creek Switchback 2 travel bags – complete with compartments super organised living
  5. Housing – AirBnB, Couchsurfing,
  6. Transport – Uber
  7. Health – all the vitamins and supplements to keep me in good shape

It’s the same as the areas you have to manage… just that mine have to be somewhat more compact, streamlined and super efficient!

The health one is a biggy for me. Without our health – what do we have?!

Plus, I don’t like getting sick… and I like to live in places like Thailand, Bali, India, Mexico – which don’t always have the best water and cleanliness systems that people from the West are used to.

And yet, these places aren’t nearly as bad as what you’d think!
(Provided you’ve got the right gear.)

I carry around a BIG stash of pills. Lots of vitamins, supplements and superfoods. I’d say about 20% of my gear is devoted to health products.

Now, I’m sure you can imagine with all of that, arriving in Mexico was pretty funny.
As soon as I got off the plane 2 weeks ago and tried to leave the airport, they scanned everything like they do to everyone. But this time, they pulled me over, looking at me very suspiciously.

I didn’t (and still don’t!) know Spanish. But they made it clear I had to open everything up. They pulled out my things until they found my bags of pills. Yes… bags of pills! Carrying all vitamin C bottles takes up way to much space, so I just throw away the bottles and pour everything into little zip up bags (travel hint: it saves a LOT of space).

Well, the security guards were holding up a bag with a huge pile of white pills in it and talking among themselves. I was trying to explain that these were my high potency vitamin C pills. I think they were just very confused. Then they found my Chinese Reishi mushroom pills, and my bags of hemp protein powder and spirulina… not looking good.

Finally, after only about 5 minutes they laughed and gave it all back to me and said I could go. I guess they figured I didn’t look like the drug lord type, and it was obvious I wasn’t trying to hide anything. But with the narco cartels, they just can’t afford to be too careful.

And nor can I. You see, I want to be super careful with my health, and I’m not always sure I’ll be able to find everything I need in each country. That’s why I always make sure I travel with – or get upon arrival all these items – plus others.

Now I can’t list them all, but here’s a start on the items I use to keep healthy:

  1. Special “Barnaby” brain vitamin pills designed specifically for my personal DNA (yes you really can get your whole brain DNA mapped out and identify precisely how to optimise it’s functions and chemistry, something that I’ve done, and that has changed my life
  2. Detoxing Zeolites – this keeps my blood alkaline, and removes ALL the toxins my body
  3. Umebushi Concentrate – another alkaliner and blood purifier – bugs just can’t live in you
  4. Reishi Mushroom – incredible immune booster, anti viral, mood/brain enhancer
  5. D3 – sunlight in a pill, keeps the mind incredibly positive, and it’s good for the bones
  6. Vitamin C – helps improve healing, deal with stress, plus lots more
  7. Omega oils – helps healing, prevents diseases, improves brain function and joints
  8. Protein hemp powder – complete protein, all the amino acids
  9. Spirulina powder – super nutrient, amino acids and protein, plus so much more
  10. Astragalus root – incredible (unbelievable) anti-aging properties
  11. Coconut oil – anti bacterial, skin care, hair care, dental care
  12. Black salve – I’m not allowed to tell you what this one cures, you’ll have to look that up yourself

Plus I have 4 incredible gadgets that really make all the difference:

  1. Valslide – is my personal complete gym in about the size and weight of a paperback book!
  2. Seychelle Water Filter – used by the military, this can remove ANY toxin from any water source, even water contaminated by radiation!
  3. Zapper – removes even the most hostile virus, parasite or bacteria from the body
  4. Air Tamer A302 Air Purifier – removes all the germs and pollutants and toxins in the air around you

So, with all this gear, I’m able to carry in my 2 bags my own personal gym to keep me fit, my own personal water system to purify any source of water, a zapper to remove the bugs, an air purifier, and all the supplements to keep me in good health even if I can’t find anything good to eat!

And what’s remarkable is, this set of supplements literally changes how your body feels and how your mind works.

It goes without saying that you can use all of amazing items even if you are NOT living the digital nomad’s lifestyle.

Speaking of which…

I’m thrilled with my new Mexican apartment, as it is literally around the corner from this fantastic yoga studio. In 3 mins walk I’m in a yoga room,  stretching but not understanding a thing the teacher is saying! I position myself in the middle of the classroom so I can keep an eye on what everyone else is doing… and hoping that I can follow along! So far, so good.

Each of those health products does WAY more than what I can fit in here. In truth, I’ve been able to use these items to heal just about anything you can imagine. Hard to believe, but true.

How would you go about designing your own healthy lifestyle.
In fact, how would you go about designing your entire lifestyle, just the way you’d like it?

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