Pay The Price: Make 2016 Your Best Year

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It’s been a month of intense travel and adventure. After arriving in Thailand a few weeks back, I passed a big milestone –  3 years traveling the world and living out of my 2.5 bags!

This past month I’ve:

  • Joined a 9 day silent meditation retreat at a Thai monastery.
  • “Randomly” arrived on the very day of the world’s largest lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Loi Krathong, and thanks to a girl I met once at the Lightning in a Bottle festival in California, who happened to be studying at Chiang Mai university, she saw me pop up on Facebook and invited me to join her that night for the festivities.
  • The next day I met up with a new friend from SF in Chiang Mai, who I had “randomly” met that very weekend prior in San Fransisco, we ended up going on adventures to visit elephant sanctuaries and explore the city evening delights.

It’s an amazing spin out to attend a party in San Fran with someone, then a few days later be enjoying coconuts in south east Asia with them over lunch, having met them only half a world away a few days prior.

Another trend is, I seemed to have eliminated jet lag!
Traveling at night and resting/sleeping, along with not checking the old timezone, only the new one… these tricks seem to be consistently working. Because after my 15 hour flight from LA to Bangkok, I didn’t miss a beat.

The world feels like one giant village... I literally meet the same people around the world! Click To Tweet

So when people ask me:

  • When will you stop?
  • When will you settle down?
  • Are you getting tired of this?

Not tired, only invigorated. And, as per usual, I have no plans. Well, no plans in the way conventional people do.

I know exactly what the priorities are and what the context is.

But the details of how this will be achieved…
I leave that up to the Force 😉

As we rapidly approach New Years Eve… when you start to think about what you “achieved” this past year, and what you hope or dread about the coming year…

What will you be focusing on for 2016?

  1. Do you want to be laser clear on what you desire, and what you want to create?
    This is the view of life designed by your SELF.
    If so, write them all down… now 😉
  2. Or, would you prefer to stay open to an even bigger vision than anything you can imagine, preferring instead to be of service for this grander vision that is bigger than you?
    Here you are still clear on the context of what you love and what brings you the most joy, but you no longer worry about any of the specifics, you simply stay open, and look for the opportunities that arise.

Returning to Australia for Christmas has been remarkably insightful.
Life is still lived here in the exact same way, and everything is insanely familiar.

I wanted to come back and see family for a month over Christmas. The previous Christmas I had a remarkable road trip experience travelling across Mexico to Texas.

Now having returned to the southern hemisphere for this years holiday season, I think I’ve been experiencing reverse culture-shock, because it has certainly has felt very strange.

The first thing I did was take my recently ill Macbook Pro to Apple. After 3 years on the road it was suddenly in need of some repairs! Thanks to Apple’s amazing Apple Care, they have basically given me a new machine, rebuilding and replacing most components… for free!

So in my first week in Oz, I’ve been without a laptop, purely working off my new iPhone 6S Plus. It’s an interesting experiment to see how much work I’ve been able to do just from my large screen iPhone and roll up keyboard (Beeboard). While I can get a lot done, it certainly doesn’t work for everything!

I definitely need a small light laptop for traveling.

I think having a forced break from technology has had me examine more of what life is like for the average Australian. Everything is so familiar, and yet someone what insane… simply because life here is the same, and yet I’m so different.

  • I sense the weight that people carry here.
  • The stress and busy-ness that drives their lives.
  • The high expenses of everything from food, to fuel, to rent and mortgages.

It used to be so normal, but it always felt like the wrong place to be.

And so what occurs as normal for everyone here, is like an altered reality for me.

I’m from here, but not of here.

When I listen to people planning their holidays and overseas trips, there is a strong sense of home, and it’s all about returning. Short adventures are ultimately about confirming the familiar, as the place to be.

I live in a world where there is no place to be, except on the planet. Click To Tweet

There is just this endless expanse of adventure and possibility.
While the freedom I enjoy means means I have no bills to pay, but I’ve had to pay in other ways.

Because there is always a price to pay for everything, and freedom is no exception. Nor is success.

What price are you willing to pay for your own private dreams?

My dream has always been ultimate freedom, and the price to pay for this has been the dismantling of what it means to have a “home” in any particular fixed location. I was willing and happy to pay this price, and now live untethered on this blue dot.

Living this vision took a lot of effort and guts. More than I would have ever imagined.

When we pursue something with passion, it requires our focus and dedication.
To pull this off, you’ll need to take yourself away from other things.

Sue, a new coaching client of mine, has told how she has yearned for a life of freedom to travel and relax when she wants, riding on the back of a new Internet business. She is a successful lawyer, but is tired of that. During our first month of coaching, she showed me how she understood all the strategies I talk about, and indeed she did! I was very impressed.

Her block has always been to push beyond where she get stuck. So we mapped out a plan and she began, but 3 weeks into the coaching, she wanted to quit, saying now was not a good time, she was too busy.

I’ve reminded her of her commitment, and her dream, and it looks like she’s getting back into the game. Hence the value of the coach.

If you want to set yourself up for 2016, book in for a coaching session to create the best foundation for your next year.

Because if your life is worth living, it’s worth designing.
And no one is going to design it for you, no one else really cares.

But if you’re breathing, feel into the sacredness that is your very life.
It’s taken so much to get here, where you are now.

  1. At this time of the year, focus and create the 7 contexts for your life.
  2. Then write a list of what you’ll do today (and every day) that will further your feel aliveness and empowerment.

You deserve this, time to claim it.

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  • Elizabeth Jackon

    I fucking love this article Barnaby! As usual, you are provocative and the bringer of excitement… but this felt like a really fun call to action. To create, to be alive, to be willing to dive into the depths of the ocean of our desire. Thank you for inspiring me to start off 2016 with a heart full of giddiness. You are right, there is a price to pay… but never as high as the price we pay by abandoning our own heart’s calling. Thank you thank you.

  • neroli

    Ha-ha-ha!!! I fucking love Elizabeth and her comments 🙂 Next time we catch up, we’re gonna eat fucking cookies and I can’t wait!!! I love your article too B. I love the term, you’ve got to pay to play.

    Honestly, whatever it is…whatever game in life, there is always a payment to be made to be in the game and resisting that is keeping us from getting into the game. I love it. I love that there is always a price demanded of us for doing or having what we desire….it makes it all the more desirable and pleasurable when some kind of sacrifice is involved.

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