Paris. Tragedy. You can relax, you don’t need to survive

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Following the tragedy in Paris, this past week has brought the world closer together, but has also shown how division and separation are still the primary backdrop to our lives of quiet desperation.

At this time, when you feel into your heart, and think about your community, do you feel fear for the future, or the desire for revenge, or the yearning for stability and reason?

There is no stability in the world. There never has been. And there may never be.

As much as you pour all your energy into trying to create a life of stability, you are simply building sand castles beside the ocean of life.

One day, the waves will come and tear everything you’ve worked so hard to build down. And this is not a bad thing. It’s just a fact. The fact.

Does this freak you out? I hope not. Because that’s not why I remind you of this.

I write this to remind you that this is no dress rehearsal.

I was interviewed again recently for a new online travel magazine about how to setup your life to pursue your dreams. You can listen to the interview here.

Barnaby Andersun interview: Caribbean Lifestyle for $5 A Day – Managing 50 Ukrainians from a Mexican Hideaway

You don’t have to do anything to live. You’re on by default every day when you wake up! Click To Tweet

This is your life. Right now.

And if you think you can postpone enjoying today for a “some day one day” future day of love and freedom, remind yourself of what happened in Paris. No one ever expects anything to happen to them. And yet, the world’s true nature keeps on being revealed.

The nature of constant change.
And while it looks like we need to fight to survive and “win” in this world of endless change, it’s wise for us to pause and reflect.

Do you really need to do anything to survive?

Right now you took a breath of air.
Thankfully at the moment we’ve still got plenty of that!

What if you could relax into just seeing you are already here, surviving, living, right now.
You don’t have to do anything to live. You’re on by default every day when you wake up!

In order to die, you have to do something, it’s not that easy.
But to live… you’re given that gift each day you wake up.

It’s up to you how use this life you’ve been given.
In truth, it’s not even yours. You’re the custodian of a life that wants to be lived through you.

Are you going to pull out the photocopier and make a copy of yesterday?

Isn’t that getting a tiring… ?
You already know what it’s like to live a life based upon protection and security.
And that’s a losing game regardless.
One day you will lose that game.

Who’s game are you playing anyway?

Did you design this life that you’re living?
If not, when do you plan on starting to that project?

What happens if you shifted the context of life from:

  • the desperate need to protect and secure
  • to that of vibrant living, trust, and connection to nature and your fellow humans.

Look at what’s going on in the world.

Rather than pulling back, how about diving in.

Look at how similar we are to each other.
And yet, how separate and afraid do we feel of each other?
How much of life do you feel desperate to protect?

And what are you doing that for anyway? You want to protect everything for your children. Of course you do. But do you want them to live in fear having to protect everything, modelling the current society that we’re all living in. What will it take to show them something different.

Maybe it’s easy for me, you say. Because I’ve already given up so much.

It’s true. I have little to protect.
But it’s by design.

I don’t want to live a life of second guessing everyone, trying to figure out how to protect what I’ve worked so hard to build up. Owning very little keeps my mind and heart light and free.

I’ve trained myself for 3 years now to be a nomad… or rather a yesmand! Click To Tweet

And on this night, as I stand in the freezing cold of the middle of the night here in LA, waiting for a ride to come, I look around a see a couple of homeless people huddled in their bags.

Rather than seeing the differences, I see the similarities.

I’m just like them. I live without a home.
And yet while we share that in common, we’re worlds apart.

How is that when I get to a new city, and walk down the street with my 2.5 bags, I so often dodge and step over the homeless, realising I’m here in a new city without a home (I’m just like them!). And yet, I have the freedom to do as I please. They also have the freedom to move, but they are too often prisoners of their thoughts.

How about that person driving by in their Lexus on a lease… are they more free?
Can they really do as they please? Perhaps…

When you look within your mind, and examine your circumstances, how free are you to really live as you please?


I was reminded again of my situation on a bus tour around the city of LA the other day (I’ve never done one of those before!) when I was asked where I live, and I said “everywhere, and no where”.

They said laughing… “oh, you’re homeless!”

I said “no, home free”

Traveling the world constantly, moving between rich and “developing” countries, I am reminded of what we all share in common every day.

We share this beautiful world, which typically we take for granted.

Does that homeless person living on the street of LA, or SF or any other city need to live that way?
When I literally step over them, I wonder why I’m so ok about getting on with my day, while they feel ignored and ostracised. What is the message they are trying to remind us of…

I’m busy aren’t I, got places to go, things to do. I’m making progress! Really??… For what…


What progress are we making as a species?
What goal does our species have?

Is it about creating a world of technological wizardry, medical breakthroughs and delicious organic food?

If so… for who?
Who will have those benefits? Everyone…?

Do the people in Syria get that?
Did the latest iPhone protect any one of those people last Friday in Paris?

We want to believe our governments, corporations and scientists have all the answers.

But technology by itself won’t protect us.
It can help set us free. And if you’re fortunate enough to be reading this, you’re one of the fortunate few who is lucky enough to actually create a life on your own terms.

But for what goal will you do that?
Once you have your freedom, what will you do with it?

Get clear on that, then go to work on setting yourself free.
Because the world needs more people like you to shine your light in the darkness of scarcity and separation that threatens the very life that we’ve all come to love so deeply.

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    “…building sand castles beside the ocean of life.” Love it.

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