Going All The Way: 5 Powers for Complete Freedom

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What is freedom to you? How would you define it?

Even though freedom would mean something slightly different to each of us, there are some common threads. And I’m going to go through 5 levels of freedom, taking you all the way from social freedom and power to complete freedom without limits.

Now, recently, I’ve had some feedback come back to me recently that often people feel more stable with their roots in the ground. Most people want to enjoy their community, and build a life in a spot, while having more and more flexibility and freedom to do as they please… including travel.

But this doesn’t mean they want to travel all the time. Rather, what most are seeking is the ability to sprinkle some travel into their lives.

From where you’re sitting right now, does setting up a life with this kind of flexibility seem straight forward?

Not if you’re like most people living with the stress of paying their bills.

What happens when we’re in overwhelm, too much stress and not following our bliss?

What happens when we get attached our identity and fixed ways of being?

We close down, turn inward and move away from people. We think about all the things that don’t work, and the things that we don’t like about others.

Basically our world gets smaller, who we love and trust shrinks, and we generally think there is not enough of anything. Not enough love, not enough money, not enough respect… etc.

That is the world of scarcity, denial, stress and anger. Difficult world.

How does a life of ease, grace and joy look?


How is Freedom Realised?

So while freedom and authentically loving ones life, without a care in the world, does look different for everyone, I’d say that for most people there are commonalities.

Let’s imagine freedom moving through 5 levels.

However, each one can be approached entirely separately.

You might prefer to think of them as 5 steps or even as 5 powers for ultimate freedom.

You may even decide to only focus on ONE, and by fully exploring that single power, you’ll come to encapsulate and open up to all 5 levels of freedom.



1st Power: (WOOD) Freedom from Time

I’d say, starting the the first thing you want to win back is your time. Having time to yourself, really means space. The space to reflect, to think, to feel. And this space to relax is in short supply these days. Because our lives are so jammed with gadgets, to-do lists, bills and people wanting something from us… so many of us feel we don’t even have the space or luxury to look within.

There’s no time to breath easily (and air is still free!) and no time to feel what it’s like to fully enjoy this day on Gaia.

Why is this important? Because your time is all that you have. And yes, it’s a paradox. Because time doesn’t even exist. We’ve invented it to help us make sense of this world we find ourselves in. But you can only start to understand that it doesn’t really exist once you give yourself the time to relax, feel and tune into the space behind everything.

How will you win back your time?

Start claiming SOME time to yourself every day. Make some time to sit in silence. Meditate. Go on a walk.

Bit by bit you will start chip away at the bonds you’ve tied around yourself and begin pry your life from the jaws of everything that wants you. No one else will do this for you. No one. No one else is even really interested. They all want something from you. They want your time.

Your time is a specific resource that society wants to consume. Your time is extremely valuable.

They want you to turn up at work. Look at a computer screen. Answer the phone. Get into traffic. Go to a super market. Watch TV. Stare at your smartphone. Fall asleep. And repeat tomorrow.

Once you start to truly get the value of your time, you will opt out of allowing others to consume it.

  • Start by getting real with how you actually live.
  • Monitor your time.
  • Note how you spend it for a whole week.
  • How much time do you give to yourself and nourishing your own spirit? You might be shocked!
  • Look at how you operate with time.
  • What does time mean to you?
  • How you can let go of all the stress around it.

There is no way to manage time, it seeks to manage you, and it isn’t even real.

Now you have started to re-claim your life.



2nd Power: (WATER) Freedom from Money

Money is a strong force that keeps people stuck in situations they would rather not be in. The easiest way for society to keep you stuck to get you entangled with debts. This keeps you glued to your job, because then you simply can’t leave because of all the debts, for fear of prosecution.

If you did just walked away, and you get prosecuted, then you have truly truly lost your freedom! And so you stay, paying everything that you owe, week after week, dreaming of one day being free.

How does that fee? How long have you been doing that?

There is no remedy for this. It can be almost endless. Dreaming of winning lotto, or some other financial miracle is delusional. No one is coming to save your day. It’s up to you. Understand that no one is on your side who will actually pry you from the grip of endless consumerism and debt.

You have to do it yourself. You have to make a plan – a get out of jail plan, and stake your life on it. Saying something like, “I’m going to break myself free from these restraints no matter what!I don’t care what it costs”.

Because there will be a price to pay. Freedom doesn’t come free. There is always price to pay. And that price is the loss of social status among your peers and the ability to keep up with the Joneses. You’ll lose the ability to impress people that never truly loved you anyway.

How do we so easily get so caught in all this?

Conditioning that says pleasing the other people around is important, that’s how.

Plus, you’re most likely living in an overly expensive country, where the cost of living forces you to keep operating as an economic unit, designed to pay bills, whether you want to or not.

Is that who you really are? An efficient economic unit helping the economy?

No… You’re way more than that.

Start by getting real about your finances. Make lists of what you owe each month.

  • How much debt you have.
  • How much income you make.
  • How much residual income you make that comes in each month whether you work or not.
  • How many bills you have you to pay that demand to be paid whether you are using those services or not.

Get real with your money. Then go to town with burning every structure that is holding you back from living a life that makes you truly say YES every morning.

This may make take time. It may take clever planning. It make take creating alternative income streams that require time to grow. It may take working with amazing lawyers that reveal how to extricate you from whatever sticky mess you’ve found yourself in.

It may take just walking away and starting over with a clean slate.

In this process, you will find you have allies.
And you will find you have enemies.
Welcome them both. They will be your aids in this grand adventure of becoming who you are truly meant to be.



3rd Power: (EARTH) Freedom from Location

If you cannot move away from where you are living, how much freedom do you really have?

Freedom also involves the potential for mobility. This doesn’t mean that you have to be mobile. Many people much prefer to live in one place. But also a lot of people dream of traveling more… their heart calls for them to go on adventures.

Some say humans were born to be nomads… interesting.
If you haven’t even tried it, how do you know?

Greater location flexibility means you can take the opportunity when it shows up. So, if you see a great deal on a trip away somewhere you, there is nothing in your way for going on it.

But if you haven’t set up the necessary structures to allow for travel whenever you want to, then there can be a feeling of being stuck.

If you know you never want to go anywhere for very long, this one is not relevant for you.

But even if you have a family, and other seemingly impossible obligations, how can you set yourself up to allow greater mobility into your life?

Firstly, you create streams of income that fall into 2 categories:

  1. residual based income that come in, regardless of how much activity you take in that month
  2. location indépendant income, which comes in regardless of where you are located

With one or both of these setup, you’re part of the way there.

Then you cut back on the clutter in your life, simplify things and do trial runs of living in other locations with you and any entourage that likes to come with you.

This can take the form of AirBnB or other options. You use hire cars, or Uber.
Basically you start tasting a life outside of the norm, and see what it’s like to return home.

Even if you start by going away for little trips, but you realise you can do it any time you want, then you can fully relax into realising just how free you are. Because you do not feel stuck where you are, everything starts to occur as a 100% choice.

This is the process of empowerment.



4th Power: (METAL) Freedom from Others

So much of our efforts go into impressing people. And when you get that nearly everyone is playing this game, the game of proving that you’re as good as everyone else, you realise just how crazy the whole situation is.

In this crazy game, you can’t be too much better than everyone else, or too much worse off. If you rise too high, or drop too far, you lose everyone that you’ve invested so much of yourself into.

But once you have no longer care about what others think, you are free to truly explore yourself, and your own desires.

This process could start by saying NO to everything. It’s a radical exercise, but by saying NO to everything, you can start to listen for where your authentic YES actually is.

Train yourself to live from your authentic YES.

Then you will be truly living life on your own terms.



5th Power: (FIRE) Freedom from Self

Beyond the freedom of caring what others think, is the freedom from caring what you yourself think. Giving up the delusions that your thoughts are you, and that you are something separate that needs protecting is the ultimate freedom. Once you have reliquinshed the need to protect the self, you have found the trick to embracing all that life offers. Fear will no longer restrict you, because you have vanquished the ultimate constraint – fearing fear.

Now you will be truly living in the magic.

But to experience this level of freedom, means letting go of every restraint.
It means living purely in the listening.

You will see that your ego is no longer in charge. In fact, you will see that it never was.

So powerful is this insight, that this past month I ran a 7 day retreat that allowed 12 people to fully explore the nature of the “self” and discover how to live purely in the magic.

It was remarkable to see how they were able to break through illusions, and begin to live a life free from the restraints of the self.

Because when you give up believing in yourself, a life beyond your wildest dreams becomes availalbe.




Breaking Free: Freedom is Power

Moving through the different stages of freedom opens you up to being more and more authentic about what you have to offer this life. Life wants you to be unencumbered. Life beckons you to liberate yourself.

That is why stress gets so under your skin. It is that voice in the back of your head saying “something’s not right here”.

That is life speaking. Listen, while it is still whispering to you, before it demands and starts screaming that you break free.

The world is waiting for you.

Life wants to hear what you have to say.

Life wants to see you shine.

It’s time.

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