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A couple of months ago I wrote down the contexts of how I live my life.

I gave up living from goals over a year ago, and since then have lived within the Listening the direction of the Flow. The Tao. The Force. God. Universe. Whatever you want to call it. By listening and looking at the feedback I can feel which direction the Flow is leading me towards effortlessly.

That doesn’t mean I don’t use goals. Every day I write down a list of my tasks, my plans for that day, as well as the week and month. Those are “goals” for what I want to get done. They are the goal posts of what I’m shoot ing for. And they are very powerful in pulling on towards a certain outcome.

It’s just that I no longer live my life from my goals. Why? Because goals essentially are limited by ones own imagination. They tend to be more mundane, day to day operational pointers. Goals can be set, and even “set on forget”, and they still really work.

I have found, after changing the context of how I live, that goals can be limiting if ones life is lived from the “goals context”. For example, even when you say “My monthly income goal for the month of September is $10,000 or more” your whole focus tends to fixate on that amount, or a figure around that amount. And this could be limiting, because how easily could flow in the direction of a million dollar deal if your mind was looking for something in the thousands?

There is nothing wrong with having goals and using them. Goals are a great way to utilise the magic of the universe. But they do tend to come from the intellect.

It’s just that “contexts” and “intentions” seem to operate by tapping into limitless possibilities of the field of potential. They also come from ones heart. Or rather, from ones intuition, or tuning into the pulse of the universe.

The absolutely wonderful thing about living from “contexts” and “intentions” is that put one purely into the path of synchronicity. By completely letting go, and allowing oneself to go anywhere and do anything that the listening is suggesting, then you will find magical events of synchronicity occurring continuously.

To discover more about how to create a life lived from “contexts” and “intentions”, you can tune into what the feeling is behind your life. You can get straight with yourself, and feel into what is truly authentic for you. You can open up to the flow that wants to flow through your life and then write down (and continue to update) contexts and intentions that inspire and bring joy in your mind, body and heart.

Do these come from you?
It depends if you really there is a “you” in the first place 😉

By continuing to train yourself in tuning into the flow, you’ll be clear on what your own living context is, and you can open and even surrender to that.

You will one of mine below is the “Life Story Context”. What do I mean by “story”? Well it could be said that everything in our life is a story. A story meaning something that we made up. People have been telling us stories about ourselves, our society and life itself for our entire life. We’ve then taken on telling ourselves the story of our life every single moment throughout the day… how we got here, what we’re like, what we’re doing, our preferences, what we have the potential to accomplish… all that sort of stuff… and it just goes on and on. And yes, it’s all made up. Is there any “real” truth to it. Not likely.

So, given you’re living inside a story that you’ve made up, you might as well make up a story and then a context for living that actually empowers you and makes you feel great when you wake up, as opposed to some other sorry tape playing that keeps you living small.

Perhaps your entire context for living may be as simple as:

I live inside the context that life is just happening and that life moves me without effort in the direction that is the highest potential for limitless possibilities.

There is also great power in truly letting go.

That could be your context “Letting go and surrendering is the context of my life.”

Or, “Truth is the context of my life” or “Love is the context of my life” and allowing these simple statements to guide, and create a sense of ease and grace in the mind.

That is the true benefit of these ideas. They allow ones mind to relax. Instead of cloning to notions of control and stress about “not doing enough” or “not doing the right thing”. Perhaps there is no “enough”, no “right thing”. There is only THIS. And this can be felt into. THIS can be opened up to.

THIS can be a path of surrender where you don’t even need show up, you can simply listen and trust.

One thing you might wonder, after ready what I’ve written is… can life be really this good? Am I really allowed to have a life of joy and abundance? Keep asking yourself. Get straight. Do you actually seek a life of hardship and difficulty. Or do you seek a life of love, flow and joy. Even ask yourself, why wouldn’t you be able to live a life of joy and abundance, if in truth, that was actually your preference.

Challenge your own thinking, your own conditioning. Is anything real? Are you real? Who has set the limits on your life? Who has told you what to believe? And why did they say all of that? Who has your true best interest at heart?

The truth is this. You are breathing. Your body is moving. You are alive, thinking and feeling. You’re here. What are you going to do with this life that isn’t even yours. It has been given. Can you surrender to it’s flow and get out of your own way? And if you could, what would that look like?

Keep in mind, there are many ways to write or express the place or places from which you wish to lead your life from. Below is what is currently inspiring me, and it’s creating some remarkable adventures and outcomes. You could use it as a template, or create something totally different for yourself.

Most importantly, have fun, and don’t believe any of this!

Barnaby’s 7 Contexts For Living Life

Below are the 7 areas that I discovered while pondering how to fully enjoy and open up to this wondrous gift called the game of living on planet Earth.


1. Life Intention Context:
Live a life without limits, operating only from the magic and the mystery, letting go of all control, trusting that I’m trusting and listening to the wisdom of awakening, willing to risk absolutely anything and everything to become more powerful than I can possibly imagine and experience the ultimate truth, no matter what the cost.

The possibility seen is limitless.


2. Life Story Context:
This body/mind form is a star child, part of Gaia, made from Gaia, living in the mystery, seeded here for a mission of infinite power and majesty, destined to alter worlds and travel to worlds, fearless in pursuit of the deathless, completely fulfilled by natures integration, grateful for each delicious breath and the endless bounty of abundance that flows, celebrating my attractive charisma that calls and welcomes infinite love and support from everything around me. Uncompromising in my willingness to trust and to point the way towards awakening, so that everyone may find their own inner light and freedom and personal power. Thanks to my uncompromising integrity, my desire to face truth, my willingness to let go of anything that isn’t optimal and my openness to consider exploring anything inside the listening that has the potential to accelerate growth, everything unfolds effortlessly with ease.


3. Relationships Context:
I am never for wanting relationships that are filled with carefree love and joy, where I play with powerful people who are fully aligned with the flow. These extraordinary individuals are exceptionally loving, wise, beautiful, intelligent, fun, sexy and humble. They are filled with the power to nurture, support and grow – because they themselves have also mastered how to live in balance and joy. They are clear, clean and healthy in mind and body. I enjoy transformative sexual experiences that open me up to new levels consciousness, power, play and love. I enjoy going deeply into someone and sharing vulnerabilities that co-create ever deeper levels of truth, support and love the blow our minds and our hearts wide open. I live inside the trust of the listening of what is needed right now for optimal empowering relationships.


4. Travel Context:
Wherever I live or travel, I am supported every day by environments that provide a profound sense of vitality, happiness, growth, inspiration, love and serenity. Opportunities come to me from incredible places in the world that allow for me to be surrounded by beauty, clean air, easy and comfortable living with all the space that I and my fellow cohabiters need to feel fantastic. I live with energies that are pure magic, showing the divine mystery of universe, and tapping into the power grids of the planet to accelerate abundance in every form. I always live with close and easy access to super charged healthy/vital food, along with excellent/leading edge services that allow me to easily get my work done, meet wonderful, powerful, inspiring and loving people. With all of this, I enjoy an extraordinary life beyond parallel that I can easily afford and that even comes to me from pure generosity. I live inside the trust of the listening for what is needed right now for my optimal environment. I trust in living in easy world.


5. Money Context:
Wherever I am, money flows to me in abundance in ways that I completely love and am aligned with. I live with complete trust in the benevolence and abundance that facilitates and provides for every want, every need and every project that is my daily adventure called life. Opportunities arrive that are for the highest good of all involved and that allow more money to flow to me every day than I can possibly imagine, showering me with wealth that is constantly increasing, such that I live in constant surprise, awe and gratitude – facilitating me to share this abundance with the world as a demonstration for what is possible. Every month my automated online income keeps expanding and provides an abundance over any expenses I have, enabling me to generously give to others. I live inside the trust of the listening of what is needed right now for living with truly optimal finances that flow in a relaxed and joyous context.


6. Health Context:
Every day I live in a state of balance and wellness, where I get stronger, happier, wiser and more flexible. I have a fit, lean, strong, vibrant body, free from toxins. Opportunities constantly arise that enable me to naturally and effortlessly make the best choices for this body and mind, enabling it grow in fitness, strength, agility, vitality and flexibility, leading to a constant situation of extraordinary and optimal health, where the body regenerates itself to become younger and more powerful on a daily basis​.​..​ where simply nothing is impossible! Every function on this body performs with outstanding ability for pure joy and delight. Miracles occur that transform my body, without even me realising, into a state of perfect health and healing any ailment that may arise. I live inside the trust of the listening of what is needed to be done right now for optimal health.


7. Social Context:
There is no separation between myself, Gaia, humanity, animals, invisible beings, hidden beings, ET’s, gods and angels. This mind/body system is inter-dependent and intrinsically part of all humanity, life itself and the universe. I live with all the fellow humans on planet Earth. This human society is me and I am it. Living inside the listening, I surrender any personal preference to the greater journey of enabling awakening to shine a brilliant light towards truth, ease, beauty and joy in all forms, for all beings, leading the away from ignorance, needless destruction and greed. There is a new integral way to live in harmony with all of life on this planet, and I work as a servant towards this end, being guided by the planet towards the optimal future for all beings.

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  • Matthew

    Yep, the context is decisive. Well done for sharing one of the most powerful tools (context) for creating lives that rock and awesomeness on the planet B! The opportunity is to seek out undistinguished contexts (set of assumptions) in our blind spots, and consciously create contexts that serve and empower.

  • Linda vaccaro

    Well done barnaby. Insighful

  • Walter

    Love your context, I’m filled with inspiration and delight just after reading that … and I might have to adopt some of those for my own context. Thanks for sharing Barnaby

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