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I got the best birthday present I could possibly receive this week.

When Mia, my daughter, called me on Skype to wish me a happy birthday I discovered what it means to live up to your true potential really, and how you can model success and tap into it’s power. More on that in a moment…

As I talked to Mia, I heard more about some of the stresses in her life, and how she had a mountain of psychology second year university assignments due soon in the next couple of weeks.

The she said something amazing.

“But they’re no a problem, I’ll be fine getting them all done. After all, I can do anything… my only limitation is time.”

I said in amazement “Did you just say you can achieve anything, absolutely anything, that you’re potential is limitless… the only thing limiting you is time?”

In mild bewilderment Mia said “Well yes, of course. Time is the only limiting factor. Everything else is naturally possible. Whatever I set my mind to, I achieve it. It might take a bit longer than I want, but I can literally do anything I set my mind to. Isn’t that obvious to everyone?

I listened intently, hitting a Skype record button so that I could play back to her this amazing conversation that was a confirmation of everything I myself already knew and had clearly passed on. Best of all, I was discovering that without a doubt, this view of the world of limitless possibility was true for this young woman.

“When I was in tenth grade I said would go up into the top maths level once I had got an A for maths, and so I got it. Then I said I wanted to go travel Europe by myself once school finished. So [at 17] I saved all the money [working 3 jobs], and traveled for 7 months everywhere I wanted to go in Europe. Then I said I wanted to get into a top law university, and so I did. Then I wanted to pass law, and so I did. Then I realised I didn’t like law, so I switched to psychology and social work. Then I said I wanted to get the highest grade for all my subjects possible at uni, and so I got straight high destinations. I was even awarded the Deans Award of High Excellence for the Faculty of Arts.”

It was remarkable to hear her explain as though it was the most basic, obvious thing in the world how she had built for herself what I call a “success strategy mindset” from such an early age.

“But dad, this is nothing special. It’s just a fact. I can literally do anything I set my mind to. You taught me that. I can literally get anything I want. I could easily even come live with you in Mexico right now, if that’s what I wanted to do. But I don’t. My objective is to complete this degree and build a strong career. So, that’s what I’m going to do. Then I will buy a house… even though most people say you can’t do that when you’re young, I know I’ll be able to… Hey!… Did you know that last week I ran a 10km race? I didn’t know for sure I could get beyond 6km, but it was fun, so I just kept running all the way to 10km.”

“Does that mean you want to start running marathons?” I asked.

“No, I’m not so interested in that. Running for that long will be boring. Also, I know I won’t be an extreme athlete, because that is not my interest. Although if I wanted to train that hard, I could do it. It’s more like, whatever it is that I actually like doing, I will do and achieve whatever level I want to. More importantly, I’ll go after each thing that I know I can actually achieve.”

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To this I said “Do you realise that hardly anyone thinks like this?…

Do you realise that what you’ve just explained is how you’ve built for yourself a success mindset. That by only going after those things you know you can win at, you continue to demonstrate to yourself time and time again that you can achieve whatever you imagine. By doing this, you have literally wired your own brain for success. Most people don’t do that.

Sometimes (if they’re lucky) they go after things that are beyond them, and too often feel defeated. Where as you’ve created a step by step process for yourself that guarantees success, by starting small and building up. Typically people overstretch themselves, and in doing so, they unwittingly build themselves a defeatist mindset, where they continually show to themselves that they don’t win, they lose confidence that they will ever achieve what they want. Or… sadly, most people probably don’t even try risking anything, presuming before they start that they can’t pull it off.”

“But that makes no sense” said Mia. “There are no literally no limitations in life, only those that you set for yourself.

And then very casually she said “Whatever you think is real for you, is real. You create your own reality. Isn’t this obvious to everyone? I can’t even understand any other way of thinking. This is how you think dad… right? Doesn’t everyone think like this? I just presumed they did. I don’t get it, why don’t they, it makes no sense not believe you can’t do anything when it’s so obvious that you can…”

“Unfortunately most people don’t think like you and me” I said knowing how much work there is do on this world to help people free themselves “Perhaps you could research this in your next sociology research project. Ask people why they don’t believe they can achieve anything that they want.”

“I’m not going to ask people that! They’ll think I’m weird” she said laughing.

I laughed too. “They might! But I agree with you, thinking like is everyone’s birthright. And it makes no sense to think any other way. I know I can do anything, even things that sound impossible. Look… I even believed it’s possible to go to the country with the most UFO sightings (Mexico) and actually start to see these real star ships! This has lead me to live in Xcalak and start to watch them fly over almost every evening!… Yes, pretty much every evening.

Just last week we laying on the top deck of double story beach home, when suddenly from no where a full blown golden star-gate opened up right above us. We had just been looking up on at beautiful star filled crystal clear evening. We sat up bolt upright at this incredible sight to literally watch the sky open up and see beams go golden light fly out of what must have been another dimension.

It was like that other portal opening I captured in the photo 6 months in this same area, on Bacalar lagoon. That was a dark portal opening in the sky in the day time, as you saw in the photo. It was the beginning for me, the first thing I had even seen. Since then, there have been happening with increasing frequency. This new one was gold, lighting up the dark night sky.


Then… 3 nights ago a multi-coloured red, blue, white spinning huge orb flew down past the house into the jungle near by. Most of these things are happening close to midnight. This place here, with my own private beach, is truly magic. And you’re right Mia, when you know you can do anything, magic is what starts to happen. Real magic.”

“That’s amazing dad. You were always keen to go do that. It must be incredible to see those things.”

“It is, I just wish more people saw the world the way you and I do. I think it would be a more interesting and fun place for everyone. Imagine if each person was lit up by what was possible for their life, like you are. This is the best birthday present I could ever get, knowing that you know that nothing could possibly ever stand in your way.”

I wrote this post on a local domestic flight here in Mexico, flying from Chetumal (near to Bacalar and Xcalak) to DF (Mexico City). It was about a 2 hour flight, and I was easily able to write this post to you inspire you from this conversation 2 nights ago.

Just as we were about to land into Mexico City, I was looking out the window, thinking about the impact this post would have on someone like you. I was excited about going to the 4 day birthday part of a friend of mine from London, who was flying into DF to celebrate turning 40. Dozens of her high flying friends from around the world are all descending into DF tonight for what will be the kick off of an amazing ride that will take us from splendours of the capital of central America, to the beauty of the Mayan baths in San Miguel de Allende on the weekend.

Glued to my window seat, admiring the sprawling city that has as many people living in it as the entire continent of Australia, thinking about all of this, I was struck by small silver orb flying just outside our plane.

I had to take a double take. Realising what I was seeing I pushed myself right up against the glass watching it hurtle past us in the opposite direction to our plane. It was fast, real fast. Exactly at the same level as what we were flying at. Shining brilliantly with the sun’s reflection on it’s perfect silver spherical surface.

And then it was gone. I took a deep breath and looked around. No one else seemed to have seen it.

This stuff is real. Realer than you can possibly imagine. When I was a small boy of only seven, my uncle showed me photos of such craft of this in Mexico. Little did he know I was grow up and live a life without limits, that would take me wherever I wanted to go, and to see what most believe to be impossible.

I’m clear, nothing is standing in my way. I’m living in the magic.

What’s standing in your way?

If there is something, why do you give it any power, when what lies within you is the true potential of limitless possibility.

Go make it hapen.

There is nothing standing in your way, only the boring social conditioning that trained you to believe a lie. Click To Tweet

A lie that says you are less than power and magic.

Start believing in magic, and then get ready, as life will start to get interesting… really interesting.

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  • Mitch carson

    Nice post.

  • Anonymous

    She’s incredible!! And so are you! It’s perfect how the younger generation is getting it from the start and people are seeking to find more and break through those old thought patterns beliefs and behaviors that had been holding us back.
    all of the resources available and more people like Mia and change workers taking action. All RIGHT NOW
    I too have always known I can do anything and have succeeded at all I wanted to achieve. Of course, on my path theresr always improvement to be made. We’ll always continue seeking and integrating. Reveling in the joys and difficulties as we uncover more.
    I’m so happy to be integrating all the knowledge.
    Old thoughts, beliefs and blocks have no more charge.
    Living freedom!!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful inspiring talk with Mia.
    Happy Birthday!! Sending big hugs and love and deep appreciation to you Barnaby.
    Thank you for being you. thank you for being magic

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