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10 part series on living free

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  • Discover just how much money do you really need to live like a millionaire… hint… it’s a LOT less than you think!
  • How to cut back on possessions and start to live without bills
  • Break down on all the ways to make location independent money
  • A blueprint on how to build an online business
  • Secrets to creating a fail-proof Internet business
  • How to create websites for free
  • How to build a massive following keen to buy what you promote
  • Create your goals and plan a map to your freedom lifestyle
  • How to get your family and loved ones on board

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Hey Barnaby…
Freedom is power!
I love what you’ve revealed here.
Can’t wait to get started.
Thank you!
It’s simply wonderful !!!!
Warm Regards,
Roger Jones
Having lived through many trials on the road, I can say this is the real deal. Anyone seeking freedom needs to read this material. This is the shortcut you get you into action! Thank you for being so generous and sharing this!
Lars King



Barnaby Andersun: Your Guide
To Exceptional Living in the 21st Century


  • Why? I’ve been travelling the world non-stop for over 3 years
  • Masterful at using the top gadgets and living out of 2.5 bags
  • Diligent about carrying the best supplements for optimal nutrition
  • Running multiple internet businesses, dozens of projects
  • Including my branding and app design business
  • Writing several books on living a life of international freedom
  • Including how to have a international phone number that works for free anywhere, and creating low or no cost accomodation
  • Just finished living in Mexico with my own private beach for 4 months for FREE
  • Teams working for me in Ukraine and the Philippines
  • Coaching clients around the world
  • Speaking at Stanford on how I live like this
  • International speaker/trainer to 1000’s of people on creating internet businesses 
  • All focused around loving every day, including 20+ years of fitting in daily yoga and jogging, plus 2 hours of meditation to stay focused
  • Currently living between Mexico, the USA and Thailand
  • More experienced than any accountant I know at setting up international corporations and structuring intellectual property

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