Pay The Price: Make 2016 Your Best Year

It’s been a month of intense travel and adventure. After arriving in Thailand a few weeks back, I passed a big milestone –  3 years traveling the world and living out of my 2.5 bags! This [...]

Barnaby, You Heartless Bastard

In response to my recent blog post “Paris. Tragedy. You can relax, you don’t need to survive” I’ve received some 2 very interesting heart felt criticisms that I wanted to [...]

There is no freedom living on the beach

In response to my recent blog post about freedom, how to live outside the system, by showing an example of setting things up with house sitting, and getting amazing opportunities to live by the [...]

Outsourced: When people pay me to live their dreams

When you hear the word “outsourced”, what do you think? Do you think about outsourcing what you love or hate? What happens if someone outsources something to you that you truly love?? [...]

Creating The 7 Contexts For Life

A couple of months ago I wrote down the contexts of how I live my life. I gave up living from goals over a year ago, and since then have lived within the Listening the direction of the Flow. The [...]

Look me in the eye and tell me how free you really are

Vanessa told me, in no uncertain words, that I could not miss her 40th birthday party in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this past week. After all, she was flying out from London to attend it, and [...]