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The primary purpose of this site is to empower you with information and share our knowledge about the different strategies you can use to create a free life for yourself.

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Barnaby Andersun

‘Hey Barnaby, what exactly is it that do you do that enables you to travel and live the life that you do?’

Barnaby smiles and says ‘I work online!’

Barnaby picks and chooses which digital projects he works on, because they must have leverage and scalability, with the ability to make a massive impact.

Starting in IT in 1993, his career took off when he joined Australia’s first major Web Design & Development team in Feb ’95. Being involved in all aspects of web technologies since their conception has made Barnaby a true pioneer in web development, ecommerce, digital branding & online marketing… So you can see his skill set is a little beyond a one line answer!

He’s been a consultant, web designer, information architect, graphic designer, animator, international speaker, writer, project manager, trainer, branding strategist, & trademark expert.

He loves to coach clients on how to move their business online, automate ecommerce systems, & drive traffic to get more sales.

A core focus is his successful branding agency, Brand Aloud, which has a radical new approach to branding focused on research. Using a propriety step-by-step system that surveys target markets to see what they want in a brand, the Brand Aloud motto is “let your target market tell us what your brand should be, after all they’re the ones who’ll be buying!”

Brand Aloud’s process gives a business concrete scientific data that proves what new brand will work, plus secures a trademark in the process. And even if you’re a start-up, Brand Aloud can easily fit within you budget!

Now there’s more to Barnaby than just corporate marketing. He has a strong interest in renewable energy (see his green crowd funding site TheGreenCrowd), he’s a passionate vegetarian & meditator for 20+ years.

Barnaby’s interest in the mind & neurological health has lead to investigating the latest in brain DNA research, focusing on natural approaches to improving brain function. This research is paving the way to a new book Barnaby has in the works.

Most of all, Barnaby loves to make a difference.

Check out Barnaby’s profile website.


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Discover the latest gadgets, apps and technologies that will give you an edge beyond what most people can do. Harness their power to free yourself.


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Get the inside tips on how to create a free life under your own control.

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