Portals, UFOs and the Mysterious Bacalar Lagoon

I didn’t realise quite how special Bacalar and Tulum were until I stayed in this area even longer, an extra week and a half. Why so special? Perhaps the fact that it’s a designated “magical town” [...]

Wherever you go, there you are

On Sunday morning I once again packed up my entire life again into 2 little bags. And after just arriving last night in Bacalar (the famous eastern Mexican coastal region close to the Belize [...]

Reclaiming a Stolen Life

To me it looks like one of the biggest issues that people face the world over, stress and struggles around money. Can you relate? There certainly doesn’t look like a lot of freedom around it, [...]

Shamans and entering the womb of life

Exploring the Mayan culture in Tulum over this time has been about trust and letting go of fears and restrictive views. I’ve participated in 3 Shamanic ceremonies, explored ancient Mayan pyramid [...]