Live A Free Life Podcast Interview With Victoria Hansen

Victoira first came across Barnaby almost 15 years ago, when she started her online business. They had lost contact for a long time then when social media became part of our daily lives, they [...]

How to begin culling your stuff?

I wondered if you could perhaps offer some guidance as to where to begin culling stuff. I am actually a minimalist anyway, so everything I have that doesn’t belong in the kitchen or the bathroom [...]

Confronting Your Biggest Fear

I confronted one of my biggest fears this week going deep into the southern Mexican jungles late last night. All of this letting go has led me to confronting one of my biggest fears last night [...]

Barnaby’s Borderless Podcast Interview

I've just been interviewed on James Guzman's Borderless Blog! I spill the beans on what it's taken for me to leave my old life behind, and how I've created a life of international travel and [...]

How far can you fly free?

How much do you enjoy your freedom? Or… do you even feel free at all? This week I had the strange experience of being a traditional Mexican sweat lodge called a “temazcal”. I surrendered myself [...]

Keep believing the lie?

Let’s have a chat about money, banks and living globally. I’ll tell you a little about my money management… and a big mistake I made recently, that lead to me discovering a new tool for avoiding [...]